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Meditation and Visualization

by Lady Bridget, © 1998


Wicca is a religion that uses magick, which is triggered by the mind. In order for this to work well, it’s important that the person doing the magick be able to envision what she wants to have manifest. That’s where meditation and visualization skills become so important.

Remember the Thirteen Goals of a Witch? Goal number one is “Know Thyself”. In other words, if you don’t have a clear idea of what will make you happy, you are unlikely to get it (or even recognize it when you do get it!). So an important part of doing magick is to know what you want for your outcome and be able to visualize it strongly.

Visualiztion is the skill of seeing with your mind’s eye. (also called your “third eye”) When you can clearly see pictures and events taking place, using your imagination to control the outcome, then it is much easier to direct your will and your energy into making those pictures manifest on the physical plane. This is one of the ways for working magick.

Also, goal number 12 is “Meditate”. Why should this be a goal of every witch? What benefits could this possibly have for us?

“Modern” science has “discovered” the many benefits of meditation, and so it became popular, especially in the 1970’s. Such programs as “TM” and others, brought meditation into mainstream society. Benefits such as stress relief and greater ability to focus are easily attained using a simple meditation schedule of just 10-20 minutes a day. People who meditate regularly are calmer in crisis situations. They are able to stop the “chatter” that happens in the concious mind, and have an increased ability to focus on one problem at a time.

Meditation will bring you a sensitivity to the earth and to all life, and all the forces which surround us. You will be better able to connect, to be as one with the life forces, with the flow. Medititation brings also a sense of belonging, and that brings with it a sense of compassion. For we will be compassionate for that with which we share a belonging.

Certain meditations have also been traditionally used as one of the “eight-fold paths” to enlightenment. Meditating, for example, on questions that don’t have easy answers enables you to go above your normal mundane thinking into more trancendantal thinking. One example of this might be using the Wiccan Rede and meditating on exactly what constitutes “harm” to yourself or another. Another example of this type of question is “Who am I? Am I the person I want to be?” There are books available for more information on this type of meditation, and I will refer to them later.

Many people have told me that they can’t meditate, that they can’t sit still for long periods, they get restless, etc. This is because the majority of people think of meditation only as sitting still in the lotus position (legs crossed) and chanting “OM” over and over. While this is one form of meditation, it is ONLY one form, and there are MANY others.

Meditation is, simply put, the focus of the mind on only one thing at a time, whatever that may be. It can be internal, such as an idea, or external, such as a flower or picture. It can be as simple as counting your breaths to a count of four, and then starting over again. It can be done while lying down, sitting still, or even moving. One method of meditation uses repetitive movements to still the mind – doing it this way you can even meditate while walking on a treadmill, or while sitting and knitting, just to name two possible ways.

So, do you want to get started? The easiest form of meditation that has been very successful for beginners, is “breath counting”. This is, very simply, counting your breaths up to a count of four. It is important to breathe correctly during this exercise, you must breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth – using your diaphragm. Put your hand on your stomach, in the center just below your rib cage. This is where your diaphragm is located. Now breathe in deeply through your nose, and fill this area with air FIRST, feeling your abdomen expand. Now fill your lungs from the bottom up. And release this breath through your mouth, slowly.

It is generally best to exhale twice as long as your inhale breath, but you will do that naturally most of the time. If you start to feel lightheaded, then you need to exhale longer, and breathe more slowly. Now to do this exercise, you get comfortable, and breathe. Concentrate only on the breathing, and count to four, and count to four, and count to four, only. If any other thoughts intrude, just gently let them go, and continue breathing and counting. Do this daily for 10 minutes to start with for at least 3 weeks to see if it suits you. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Your mind will come up with all kinds of thoughts, itches, tingles, or uncomfortableness to distract you. Your mind has been allowed to “run” undisciplined all this time, so don’t expect to be able to master this overnight. In addition, remember, every time you say, “Aha! I was just doing it right!”, you are already thinking of something other than your breath. Pat yourself on the back, and then go right back to counting.

One word of advice, I started to use this method, and it works very well, as a way of getting to sleep at night. It worked wonderfully, and I have never had trouble sleeping since. However, I had to find a totally different method after that to meditate, because my body was now trained to go to sleep! If you are going to meditate, try sitting up, or lying on a floor, and not on your bed. If you are going to use any meditation to put yourself to sleep at night, then be clear with yourself that you are going to sleep, and train yourself to know the difference.

Well, what if you simply haven’t the ability to sit still for that long a time? Some people really don’t, and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t meditate. Try a “moving” meditation. Stand up and stretch your arms out as high as you can, and put your head all the way back…. that really feels good! Now, slowly come all the way down, and allow your body to relax totally, with your hands brushing the floor (don’t push it if they don’t) and allow your head to simply hang.

Now slowly, bring yourself back to the first position, and then hold it for a time, and slowly bring yourself to the second position, and hold it for a time. Continue to do this, and remember to breathe! You can try counting your breaths during this exercise, or you can simply find a mantra to say during it, to give your mind a focus.

A mantra is a word or phrase that you say over and over again, until the syllables have no meaning, it is simply a focus for the mind. One form of mantra, is the chant that is used during magick to impress upon the subconcious mind what it is that the person wants to manifest. You can use any word or phrase that you like, and the words don’t have to have any meaning, or it can be something empowering for you. Somthing along the lines of, “I feel good, I look great” is an example of empowering or positive affirmations that can be used as a meditation mantra.

One of the best books that I have found on techniques is “How To Meditate” by Lawrence LeShan. While this book has nothing whatsoever to do with Wicca, it gives practical techniques, exercises, and advice on many different types of meditation. Also, Starhawk’s Spiral Dance has some visualization and meditation exercises in it. Another book which is wonderful for someone new to these techniques is by Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization which also has a tape that goes with it, and is in it’s second or third printing. I highly recommend that you work with one or more of these books, and use the exercises given there to develop and hone your skills.

Being able to visualize strongly and clearly can help you in many areas of your life. Athletes are now taught to see themselves winning by using visualization. Many healers tell their patients, especially children, to see the “good cells” battling and winning over the “bad cells” when they are fighting diseases in the body. These techniques are not new, they have been “rediscovered” and we are lucky now that this information is readily available to all, and is no longer the secret teachings of a few people handed down and taught only to selected students.

Clearly there are many advantages to using a daily meditation schedule to calm and clear your mind, above and beyond the advantages to be gained for magickal workings. This is truly a skill which should be acquired and practiced by every witch to the best of her abilities.

Peace, Tranquility and Healing

Sitting comfortably or lying down with eyes closed, let’s begin by becoming aware of the breath……

Feel the breath as it enters with a cool feeling and then warming as it gently travels down into the lungs…..

Fill the lungs with a deep inhale, bringing in energy, vitality and prana, the life force…..

As you exhale, feel the body releasing toxins, stress and any negativity that has accumulated…..

Stay with this breath, focusing on the feeling of deep peace for ten deep inhalations and exhalations….

Feel the energy that is in the body….

Become aware of the warmth and tingling of every cell…..

Feel the energy that is in the extended environment, in every part of nature and in every living thing…..

Bring all those energies together and feel them as one…..

Visualize all of that energy shining brightly, as the sun…..

Bring the shining glow of bright energy over the crown of the head…..

Feel it starting to travel down into your body from the top of your head, slowly going down into your face and neck, traveling down into the shoulders, all the way down into the arms, down to the fingers…..

Feel the healing energy and light going down into your chest, all the way down to your hips…..

Feel it continue traveling down your legs all the way down to your toes…..

Your whole body is now filled with divine healing light and energy…..

Allow that healing energy to completely fill any physical area that needs healing energy…..

Feel it warming, healing and expanding through the area……

Allow the healing light to bring peace and healing to any emotional issues or traumas…..

Bring your awareness to any intentions or desires that you may have…..

Hold the thoughts of those intentions or desires as you allow the healing energy to bring your deepest desires to life and your intentions into reality…..

Feel your connection to divine energy and light, and know that all is ONE.

Stay with this deep, relaxing, peaceful feeling of bliss.

Meditation for centering

Hold your hands an inch from each other palm to palm.  Imagine the
flow of energy into the right palm, through the chakra points the
pelvis, the naval, the base of the ribs, the top of the heart, the
base of the throat, between the eyes and the top of the head and
back down and out the left palm.

Meditation for Grounding

Focus on the flow of energy.  Now place each palm on the line of
your circle  (drawn or imaginary).  Add the circle to the circuit of
your energy so that you become part of the circle.  Envision that
the circle is part of the circuit of the Earth’s energy.  Feel the
air, feel the water, feel the warmth of fire, feel the Earth’s
spirit and substance.  Envision the earth being part of the
Universe’s curcuit of energy. Imagine the Universe’s energy being
part of the circuit of energy of this plane.  Imagine this plane
being part of the circuit of energy of the infinite planes.

Bring yourself back to the circle. Release hands from ground and
feel the connection to all remaining.

The Inner Journey


Imagine that you are standing on a white sandy beach.

It’s early in the morning, and a light, hazy mist surrounds you.

The sun is rising slowly. You can feel the warm, orange light on your face and your body.

You are feeling content. At ease. Relaxed.

The sand beneath your bare feet is soft and warm.

A light breeze caresses your face.

This beach is deserted. You have it all to yourself, and you have all the time in the world.

Listen to the relaxing sound of the ocean. Its waves are breaking gently on the shore.

Begin to walk slowly through the mist towards the water.

A small boat is waiting for you. The boat is comfortable and steady. Notice that it is tied to the shore with a strong rope.

Walk to the water’s edge and step into the boat.

You are feeling completely at peace, completely safe, and completely relaxed.

When you are ready, untie the rope…and let it go.

Relax, and allow the natural currents of the ocean to guide you away from the beach.

Your boat drifts smoothly. It rocks ever so gently in the water. This rocking motion relaxes you even more deeply.

The sun is now higher in the sky. Its light has gathered strength.

Notice that the mist that surrounds you is beginning to evaporate.

You can see the air becoming clearer and clearer.

Watch as the sun’s rays dissolve all of the mist. Now you can see clearly in all directions. It’s as though a veil has been lifted.

Sparkling ocean water surrounds you on all sides, and in front of you, a small island comes into view.

Your boat moves closer and closer to the island, gliding slowly and effortlessly through the water.

The island is drenched in sunlight. It is covered in tropical palm trees that sway gently in the breeze.

Your boat glides slowly forward, and comes to rest on the shore.

You have arrived.

Step out of the boat and take a moment to appreciate this place of sublime beauty.

Exotic birds dance from tree to tree, and brilliantly coloured flowers grow in abundance.

The air itself seems to shimmer and vibrate with pure, luminous energy.

You can hear the soothing sound of the wind as it passes through the trees.

In this place, you are free from all memories of the past. You are free from all concerns about the future. You are free from all responsibilities.

This is a place of total peace, and it is all yours.

You notice an opening between the palm trees. In the centre of this opening, there is a narrow path that leads deep into a rich green forest.

Begin your journey into the heart of the forest. Follow the path as it meanders between columns of ancient trees.

This forest seems familiar to you, like the memory of a pleasant dream, or a place you visited as a child.

Walk deeper into the forest. You are guided by a force that you trust, and that makes you feel safe, nurtured and still.

You have reached the very heart of the forest. Before you is a shimmering pond of crystal clear water. A pond of perfect stillness.

The pond is round, and it brims with pure spring water.

Notice that the water is perfectly still, like a mirror, free from even the slightest ripple.

A ladder with three steps leads down into the water.

You decide to bathe in this magical pond, and you undress.

As you take the first step down into the pond, you notice that the wind has eased. All the trees have become motionless.

As each moment passes, the world around you becomes more and more calm, and you yourself become more and more still.

As you lower yourself onto the second step, all the birds in the forest become quiet. Their silence is deep and reverent.

Now lower yourself onto the third and final step and glide into the water.

Feel yourself sliding into a deep state of relaxation. In this pond, your thoughts simply melt away.

All is still and silent. The only sound that remains is the sound of waves, far off in the distance.

Your mind seems to expand. You feel timeless…vast…empty…relaxed.

For the next few minutes, enjoy this experience of solitude and inner silence. When thoughts arise, simply let them go and return your awareness to the sound of the waves. When it’s time to return I will guide you home.

The guided meditation now pauses to allow for
approximately 5 minutes of inner silence.

Guided Meditation Script

Introductory Relaxation

Find yourself a quiet place to sit. Turn off your phone and dim the lights. This is your time. A time for total relaxation and inner stillness.

Take a moment to make sure that you are warm enough, and that you are seated comfortably. Rest your hands loosely in your lap. Now close your eyes.

Take a long slow, deep breath in…hold it for a moment, and then slowly exhale.

Just allow any tension to melt away as you gradually relax more and more deeply with each breath.

Take another long slow, deep breath in…hold it, and then exhale. Empty your lungs completely with your out-breath.

Take a third deep breath in. Take your time. Hold it for a moment, and then let it go.

Already you are beginning to drift into a state of deep relaxation.

Continue to breathe slowly and gently.


Now bring your awareness to the top of your head.

Sense or imagine a feeling of relaxation beginning to spread down from the top of your scalp….

Let the muscles in your forehead and temples relax.

Allow your eyes to relax.

Let your cheeks and jaw soften and let go of all tension.

Now this peaceful feeling flows down your neck and deep into the muscles in your shoulders…soothing them…releasing them.


Allow this peaceful feeling to flow through your arms. Relaxing and soothing…all the way to the tips of your fingers.

As your body relaxes, your mind relaxes. Your thoughts become weightless, like wisps of clouds on the breeze.

Now the peaceful sensation flows through your chest and your stomach. Feel how this area gently rises and falls as you breathe…slowly and deeply. Soothing and relaxing.

Turn your attention to your back, and feel this relaxing sensation flow all the way down your spine.

Now the peaceful feeling flows through your lower body.

Relax your buttocks…the back of your thighs…the front of your thighs. Feel all these large, strong muscles becoming loose and relaxed.

Soothing feelings flow down through your knees, and into your calves.

Your ankles relax. Now your feet relax.

Your entire body is soft, calm and relaxed.

Now it’s time to leave the external world behind, and go on an inner journey. A journey to a place of deep inner stillness.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is one of the basic tenets of Wicca, in order to be effective in magickal work, you will need to learn to enter a state of deep relaxation, a place of calm and balance to align yourself with the natural forces around you. As you learn to still your mind and enter this state of relaxation, you are learning to focus your mind, becoming centred, balanced and calm, you are learning mental discipline. It is here in your inner self that you will meet your Spirit self and your guide through your journey.

To reach a truly meditative state requires a lot of practice, and it is important to be patient and take your time. By using a meditation device repeatedly, such as incense, candles, chanting or drumming, you can condition your mind to enter a meditative state.

Wiccan Basics – Meditation

Just some tips for those starting off…

1. Meditation should be carried out in a quiet room, preferably with some object for a focus point. Try using a pentagram for starters…being a Witch an all that!

2. Sit comfortably (you might be there for a while), in a chair or on the floor. The body should be completely relaxed with the head in a straight line with the spine.

3. Once you have achieved 1 & 2, and not before, the mind should be quietened and if possible stilled. An invocation to the elements should be performed before any meditation commences.

4. Breathing should be slowed down and lengthened, do not strain to keep to long or deep a breath. Slowly find a rhythm. Length and depth of breath will come with practice.

5. As the breath is taken, visualise an energy ( most visualise it as bright white light ) filling you, from the feet upward, as you exhale send it up through your head and then filling your magickal space ( most people create a dome above & around them with this energy).

6. Now look at the pentagram, relax, open your mind, see what comes into it, and think of the following things:

The uppermost point of the pentagram represents human awareness.
The lowermost points represent the four elements.
The continuous line is the energy of life itself unifying and connecting all things.
The pentagram symbolises our basic human instinct to be in harmony with the forces of nature.

Visualise yourself on the top point of the pentagram, connected to all the elements. Now spend a little time thinking about each element in turn.

As you continue to visualise yourself at the top of the pentagram, connected to the elements, notice that the real you, is greater than the sum of its parts…

You feel (Water)
You think (Air)
You respond, to the challenges of life (Fire)
You take responsibility, for yourself (Earth)

7. On starting of the visualisation there may be a feeling of descending or ascending. Just carry on.

8. On the termination of this feeling, you should have either some spiritual truth, if you have meditated without seed (the seed, being in this case the pentagram), or the answers to your questions of the seed (the pentagram).

9. This meditation may lead to astral projection and take you out of your body. If this should happen, try not to travel to far in these early stages.

10. Immediately the meditation becomes blank and its obvious there is no more information, it is time to return.

11. If astral traveling, immediately the vision becomes blurred, return to the body.

12. When returning, unless it is an emergency, return slowly. A quick return can harm.

13. Once safely back, take note of all you have seen, and conclude with thanks to the elements, each in turn.

Spiritual wisdom gained should be returned or used, for the benefit of humankind. This is my point of view anyway.

Remember those of you that are just starting, not to expect immediate results, practice WILL, make it as easy as………..erm, easypeasy.

Table of Correspondences

white, light blue, black (to reach the deepest levels)
aventurine, amethyst, sapphire
bodh tree, cannabis
frankincense or myrrh


by Stephanie Pflumm ©Copyright 2008

Quartz Crystals have an ancient history as a tool for meditation, divination &
enhancing powers. It has been used as a source of power across all continents
& cultures.

In South America, Quartz was considered a sacred stone inhabited by spirits.
Several Crystal skulls have been found among the ruins of Mayan temples. One
perfect carving was found in 1924 in the ruins in British Honduras. Even under
the keen eye of the microscope, not a single tool mark was found on the entire

North American tribes also considered the Crystal holy & pragmatic. When
farming on a hillside that did not receive much sunlight, they put Crystals to
an ingenious use.

They would grind large Crystals into smaller pieces, place them in a hollow
cow's horn & bury them in the ground for a year. The results was a very fine
crystalline powder which was spread among the plantings along the hill. What
little sun did reach the crystallized hill, was magnified & the crops

The Australian Aborigine tribes honored the Crystal as a magical stone.
Rainbow Crystals (Crystals with internal fractures) were considered the home
of the Rainbow Spirit who had incredible powers.

There are many ways you can use Crystals & gemstones in your meditations. The
best way will always be the one that feels most correct to you. I'll discuss a
few different Crystal meditation practices, including my own meditation; you
will notice several similarities in each one. There are many resources with a
variety of practices, experiment until you find the one that works.

The primary purpose of meditation is to clear your mind, to calm the insane
distractions of our world. Once you can clear this static, you can become open
to a host wonders & energies. Besides, simple meditations can refresh & revive
the body & spirit.

Secluding yourself from the outside world & sitting quietly is not enough to
bring you to a meditative state. Every breath you take can bring in a
distraction, if you are not in control of where it is going.

This is the first thing each of the meditations have in common. A disciplined
way of controlling your breath.

The second is visualizing. This allows you to create a mental block against
unwanted thought patterns during your meditation. Think of it as creating a
force shield for your spirit.


Sit in a comfortable chair (not overstuffed, but well fitting), with your feet
on the floor & your hands on your knees. Keep the Crystal you are working with
in the palm of your predominant hand.

As you breath in, imagine the loving life force of Mother Earth entering you
through the soles of your feet. Briefly hold the sweet air & allow the loving
energies to fill you. Imagine exhaling through your Crown Chakra & releasing
the love into the universe.

Continue breathing, holding & exhaling with that visualization, until you feel
a comforting flow moving through you.

Take the Crystal & bring your hands together & up so that they are level with
your heart, (continue your breathing pattern) holding the Crystal with the
point away from your body. Imagine that flow of loving energies now moving
through your Heart Chakra, into your arms & hands & out through the point of
the Crystal.

Accept & be a part of the light & love flowing through & around you.
When you are ready to complete your meditation, reverse the flow by breathing
in through your Crown Chakra & out through your feet.


Hold a clear Crystal in your non dominant hand & send loving thought patterns
into the Crystal, honoring the energies within.

Control your breath by breathing in slowly for the count of six, hold for six
counts & breath out for six counts (if six is too long, try four) until the
pattern starts to feel comfortable.

Visualize light coming in with each breath, filling your body & spirit &
leaving through the crystal to create light around you.

As the light circles & grows around you, ask the energies within the Crystal
to communicate that which you need to know. Be open to what you receive.


For my meditation, I use 12 Gems & Crystals to draw a circle. Depending on
what work I wish to do in meditation, I may bring a stone or crystal into the
circle with me.

Using a Chakra breathing exercise, I begin taking control of my breath. I
imagine my breath slowly entering & exiting through each of the seven Chakras,
beginning at the base.

As I go through each Chakra/Breath I visualize the color represented by that
Chakra. Red for base; Orange - stomach; Yellow - diaphragm; Green - heart;
Blue - throat; Indigo - third eye; Violet - crown, flowing in, through & back
out into the universe. Slowly building an imaginary rainbow around me.

When I reach the Crown Chakra, I open myself to the universe & its gifts.

To ground myself after meditation & working, I reverse the Chakra/Breath/Color
exercise until I imagine myself resting comfortably but firmly on Mother

There is never a wrong way to achieve a clear mind & a balanced body. Feel
free to experiment with different breathing exercises, stones or
visualizations. The right way is the one that works for you.

Abundant blessings,

Stones In The Pond Meditation


The purpose is to open your sensory awareness to your immediate 
helping you to reconnect with it. 
Ideally do this meditation in the countryside, a park or garden. 


Stand somewhere you won't be disturbed 
Settle your body 
Flex your knees 
Feel the weight of your feet on the ground 
Wiggle your bum 
Shake your shoulders 
Take a few deep breaths into your lungs and belly

Keeping your eyes open, visualize a very still pond all around you. 

Let the focus of your awareness sit on the smooth surface of the 
middle of the pond. 

Take a deep breath in, 
and as you breath out visualize a small stone dropping into the 
right where your awareness is. Plop! 

As the ripples run out from the centre, 
let your sense of hearing follow them. 

Open your ears wide, reach out with your hearing, following the 
ripples out into the world. 

Reach out your hearing as far as you can.

In your own time, take another deep breath in 
and as before breath out visualizing another stone dropping into the 
water. Plop! 

This time as the ripples run out from the centre, 
let your sense of sight follow them. 

Open your eyes wide, reach out with your vision, 
expanding your peripheral vision on each side of your head and out in 
front as far as you can.

Then once more, take a deep breath in, and see the stone fall. Plop! 

As the ripples flow out, let your sense of smell follow them. 

Open your nostrils wide, reach out for the most subtle scents.

When your ready, 
visualize the pond slowly becoming calm again. 

Sense your feet on the ground. 
Take a breath and come back to yourself.

~by Adrian Harris

Seven Directions Movement Meditation

by White Feather

Seven Directions Movement Meditation
by White Feather
– sacred dance for spirit and body

It was a warm summer evening on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in western New York when Grandmother Twylah,( we called her “Twy” back then around 1985) asked me to join her for a talk she would be giving at a place called Lilly Dale. I was happy to be her driver as I would often do at that time.
She invited me to sit up front and before I knew it she was introducing me to the audience and explaining to them I was going to teach them the Seven Directions Movement Meditation.
A surprise to me since I had never taught the dance to a group before. I had been practicing it myself for awhile and would informally share with others what I had learned. I knew one cannot say no to your teacher so there I was being given “the nod” as we had come to know by the “Big T” and that was it.
I received a pleasant response that evening and when I returned home to the Catskills I shared that story with Susun Weed as well as the Seven Directions Movement Meditation.
Susun invited me to teach the Seven Directions Movement Meditation in the early mornings of the longer herbal workshops she offered. Susun found the women responded more readily to the spirit of the plants when they felt centered and balanced within, allowing the teachings of the plants to enter.
As a result women would come to me and ask to know more or want to write it down to remember so they could take it home and practice, hence, the booklet was born. With great perserverance by Justine Smythe and Jan Cohen, our illustrator, we would work into the wee hours on borrowed typewritter and hand pasting in the little cabin in the woods until to the best of our ability it came together in written form.
The women were pleased! and the men too.
We established the thought into action that the money generated would go to help children as this dance is dedicated to the seventh generation.
Now as we look back some years later seeds have blossomed and lives have been uplifted. We are grateful. It seems I taught the dance at the Wise Woman Center for about fifteen years.
There have been many beautiful memories for me of sharing the Seven Directions Movement Meditation with others on this blessed Motherearth. From a circle of one to a hundred women during the Harmonic Convergence at the Michigan Womens Music Festival in 1987. It has traveled into university nursing programs and to the far reaches of Lhasa, Tibet.
A gift of beauty, if by chance you have first come upon the Seven Directions Movement Meditation treat it as you would a friend you have not seen in a long time. Get to know it, spend time with it. Bring your personal attributes and connection to the directions as well, all within the circle is sacred, all outside the circle is sacred, all is sacred.
Grandmother Twylah has said we honor the traditions of the past and each generation adds something.
We trust the dance has embraced many in a positive way. As it continues to strengthen the Pathway of Peace, the Cycles of Truth brought forth by Grandmother Twylah and her mother Blue Flower, her father, Moses Shongo, all the way back to its origin the Peacemaker.
We keep the teachings of peace alive.
Da Na Ho!
Source:  Susun S. Weed ~ used with permission~

Teaching Meditation to Children

By Sarah Wood

Indigo Children: Teaching Meditation to Children

By Sarah wood Orignially printed in Children of the New Earth
on-line magazine

Most people are curious about a child's ability to meditate.
Many adults can't seem to find the time nor have the patience,
so people wonder how could a child sit still long enough to meditate?
 Remarkably, children love to meditate. Meditation allows children
 to use their creative imagination without limitation.
As a former schoolteacher and certified hypnotherapist,
I've been working with children since 1991 and currently
teach meditation techniques to children.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with children who are
creative, intuitive,
physically and emotionally sensitive and nonconforming.
Many of these children, also called Indigo Children,
have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and bipolar disorder
and are brought to me by parents who are looking for a
drug-free solution.
In most cases these labels are neither necessary nor helpful.
If a child associates herself with words such as disorder and deficit,
her self-confidence is affected and she may believe she will be
defined by these terms for the rest of her life.
However ignoring her symptoms is not the answer either.
A child who is very energetic and has trouble focusing,
is usually frustrated
and unhappy and will benefit from alternative therapies.

Meditation has proven effective with helping children
become more attentive, which begins with a child's
ability to focus on himself.
Meditation is a time for children to explore their inner world.
Children are fascinated with clouds in the sky and stories on television;
 however, they are most captivated by their own thoughts.

Many adults have trouble opening their inner mind to see the visual
 images useful in meditation. Children, on the other hand, are by nature visual and easily hold and explore their inner images. Having taught both adults and children how to meditate, I have found children to be the better students.

The facilitator of the child's experience determines the success
 his meditation. Anyone can become a dynamic child meditation
 facilitator, whether they are a parent, teacher or therapist.
 The facilitator should be familiar with the most important
 benefits a child attains through meditation, practice and awareness.
 When a child meditates,
he practices something in his head so later it is easier for him
 to carry out the particular action or feeling.
Meditation also brings into consciousness thoughts the child is
unaware of during normal consciousness.

Practice: something we do so we feel better later
When we practice a process in our minds, we are able to
successfully repeat this process in the real world.
Simply stated, we do something in our heads so we feel better later.
 This is similar to working out our body at the gym.
We strengthen our biceps so we are able to lift a heavy box later.
 Likewise, during meditation Ashley practices how to let go of the angry
 energy in her body in a meditation.
Then after meditating it is easier for her to let go of her anger
 when confronted with a conflict.

The most ideal practice meditations bring calmness and focus to a child .
These meditations are quite grounding,
that is they bring a child into balance with the natural rhythms
of the earth, which results in physical stability and emotional ease.
A child can practice these meditations absolutely anywhere,
even in her classroom when she begins to feel distracted or frustrated.
For example, the Sleepy Cloud meditation helps a restless child
 bring sleepy thoughts into her inner mind, allowing her to fall asleep .
The Flower meditation teaches children how to open up like a flower,
allowing them to let go of specific fears and welcome new experiences.

Awareness: Seeing thoughts hidden deep down inside our minds
Meditation is also useful for bringing into consciousness
 a subconscious thought.
For example, Keith practices a release meditation during which a
picture of a frightening movie scene appears in his mind.
When he shares this, the facilitator learns that this scene may
be causing a fear he has been expressing recently.
This awareness prompts a conversation about the scene,
and coupled with more meditation brings peace to the child.

An effective awareness meditation is the Time Machine.
Children are able to travel through time to the future,
giving the facilitator an indication of how the child
views his own future and the future of the world.
Another example is the Tree meditation,
during which the child sees a tree with happy and sad fruit.
He nurtures his sad fruit in a special way; and consequently,
both the child and facilitator better understand what actions
need to be taken to help him out of his own sadness.

Getting Started
Meditation is a relatively big word for most children.
This word is sometimes a foreign concept to adults and
therefore can be intimidating to the facilitator.
However, it is a big word for something very simple!
Moreover, there is no right or wrong answer for what meditation means.
I define it as sitting very still,
usually with our eyes closed and thinking about something on purpose,
 as opposed to daydreaming.

Before beginning a meditation, ask the child to close her eyes and think
about what her bedroom looks like.
When she opens her eyes ask her,
If your eyes were closed when you saw the picture of your bedroom,
then how did you see the picture? Performing this short exercise
and participating in a discussion about it should alleviate any
fears associated with not being able to meditate.

Next, explain to the child how people usually position their body
during meditation. Then let her know any position is perfect as
long as she is comfortable. She can meditate sitting up in a chair,
lying down, or sitting cross-legged on the floor. Let her know it is best if her eyes are closed, and it might be easier if she puts her hands over her eyes to help keep them closed. Remind the child that she can meditate anywhere. In fact she can meditate for a few minutes in her school classroom without anyone knowing what she is doing. She can even meditate with her eyes open if she prefers.

The following meditation allows a child to connect with his
male and female energies; however, I refer to the female energy
as the Listener and the male energy as the Doer.
After facilitating the short exercise above and
before beginning the Listener-Doer meditation,
discuss the many different parts of ourselves:
the part that likes to have fun, the part that likes to be sad,
the part that likes to be loud, and the part that likes to be quiet.

The Listener-Doer meditation introduces the child to the part of
himself that likes to listen. Not necessarily the aspect
who listens to Mom and Dad, but the part who listens to himself.
To better demonstrate this concept, place an object in front of the child.
A stuffed animal or a plant is an excellent choice,
as long as it is something he is likely to communicate with.
Ask him to close his eyes and ask the stuffed animal a question.
How does Teddy feel today? When he has heard a response talk
about what he heard so he understands what is meant by listening.

This meditation also acquaints the child with the part of
himself who likes to do things, such as walking, talking, yelling,
and hugging. The Listener-Doer meditation encourages a quiet timid
child to become more confident to act on his inner voice and helps
a very active child to listen to his inner voice as opposed to
acting unconsciously.

The Meditation
Take the child through this fascinating journey.
Close your eyes. You can put your hands over your eyes,
if you want to. Take in a deep breath. Now when you breathe back out,
feel your body relaxing. We'll take two more breaths.
Deep breath in, and relax your legs as you breath out.
Deep breath in. Relax your arms and neck as you breathe out.

I would like you to imagine yourself in one of your favorite places.
It doesn't matter where you are, just as long as you like being there.
 I want you to see the Listener part of yourself playing with you.
You might see this part of yourself as an animal or a special character

 or your Listener might look just like you, like a twin .
While you are there with the Listener, ask him or her what it
needs to be happy. (Pause) What did your Listener say to you?
Is there anything you want to tell your Listener?

Now I want you to see the Doer part of yourself playing with you
and the Listener. Your Doer might be an animal, or a special character,
or might look just like you. While you are there with the Doer,
ask him or her what it needs to be happy.
 (Pause) What did the Doer say?
Is there anything you want to tell the Doer?

Your Listener and Doer have presents for you.
See the Listener give you a present.
If it is wrapped up, unwrap it and see what they gave you. See the Doer give you a present. If it is wrapped up, unwrap it and see what they gave you. Give your Listener and Doer a great big hug and thank them for being with you today in your meditation.

When you are done talking to your Listener and Doer,
go ahead and open your eyes.

Follow-up Activities
Discussing what the child experienced during the
meditation is as important as the meditation itself.
After the meditation, ask the child one or more of
the following questions and assist her to understand
what her meditation symbolized. What did your Listener
say it needed to be happy? What did your Doer say it needed to be happy?
What presents did they give you?
Do you know why they gave those presents to you?

Art, writing and music are effective ways for a child
to integrate a meditation into her world.
Working on an art project allows the child to
hold the memory of the meditation in her consciousness
for additional time while she reflects on her experience.
Additional ah-ha's can be discovered during this process.
Writing and music activities bring about the same positive results.

For a follow-up art project for the Listener-Doer meditation,
have the child make puppets of her Listener and Doer
and encourage her to use the puppets to continue to
communicate with her Listener and Doer.
These can be made out of paper lunch bags or socks.
She can glue items on to her sock puppets or draw and
color on the paper bags. Keep in mind, art projects
can be as simple as drawing a picture of something she
experienced during her meditation.
Author: Sarah Wood www.sarahwood.com
Former school teacher and hypnotherapist explains
how the whole family benefits from teaching children
simple meditation techniques.
Meditation is an adventure any child will love.
For more information, please visit http://www.indigonetwork.org
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