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Sabbat Lore

Day 2—21 Days of Yule

Day 2 of our families 21 days of Yule. Sunday is cleaning day at our house and the kitchen floor was looking extra dirty with the layer of dirt brought in by the dogs form their run. I decided deck scrubbing would be a great idea I dumped buckets of warm soapy water on the floor and got my scrub brush with a long handle out and scrubbed the floor. Then I grabbed my squeegee with another long handle and squegeed the floor pulling all the dirty water to the landing and out the door. There was bathroom cleaning and sweeping and mopping the rest of the house.  After that I figured I didn’t want a paint mess to clean up too. So I decided it was time to put the tree up. (I thought it would be the easiest and cleanest craft to do!) Which was a comedy show of epic proportions.. First I drug the tree box from the garage to the house.. I made it to the stairs and front door when the old bottom of the box opened up and the entire tree and a ton of decorations fell to the stairs.. It was many trips with branches in my arms  inside. Then I struggled to remember where I put the 32 gallon plastic tote that contained the bulbs.. I finally found them stashed in the rafters of the garage. So down to the basement for a rickety metal ladder and back to the garage. But I still wasn’t tall/strong enough to get the tote down so I said “oh well” pulled it down and let it drop to the ground.. Yep I may have broken a few bulbs.

We put up the tree in no branch order what’s so ever. Which may be why the left side gets really big in the middle and the right side gradually gets smaller from the base. We put all the ornaments on and before I could tie the tree to the wall.. BOOM down it went and 2 bulbs broken.

But we got to dig through boxes of old ornaments you forget what you have. I noticed we only had two baby’s ornaments when we were suppose to buy them every year which means I’m quite a few behind. I found ornaments that represent friends that were no longer friends with. Children that were a part of my life that no longer is. (They still go up.. those people are apart of our story.) And then we get to the stockings.. Kind of sobering how much a life can change in one year.. Every year I make a donation to Goodwill of stockings that are no longer able to be hung up at our house.. ex-boyfriends..pets that passed or found new homes.


On a good note I found a set of stockings that were made for us by a close friend Angie over at Customistic. [SITE] [FB]

I have my large collection of snowmen out and about and our wreath on the door.. This house is ready for the holidays..

Check back on our total number of bulbs broken this year!

Number Of Bulbs Broken So Far!

Day 1—21 Days of Yule

Day 1 of our families 21 days of Yule. Today’s a little jumbled because I worked last night till 2am and have to be back at the bar by 5. So my oldest son is at his Great-Grandma’s house, and its just me and my youngest. So we’re doing crafts at separate houses. I searched on pinterest for craft for toddles and this cutie popped up. So i figured something simple a cute hand print Yule tree using printed scrapbooking paper and stamp pads instead of paint. Rhyme Time

This is how we started on my bed with the blanket spread out and a baby in a diaper.. Look he’s happy pre-toture/holiday cheer.

Already enjoying trying to mess with the ink pads.

A green hand! He enjoyed being inked up but putting his hand flat on the paper not so much fun.

Baby and me!

Semi finished product.. I made an executive decision when Sayer was bawling and kept whipping his face and belly with green ink.. I think i’m just going to cut this paper in a shape of a tree.. Cant wait to see what my oldest did. Check back for the updated craft.


21 Days of Yule


Time to renew myself and my family. As the days are starting to become more hectic balancing work..family..boyfriend..shopping..craft time..and spiritualism. I’ve found myself disconnect from the things that matter most MYSELF.. lol No but yes at the same time. I think it is time to reconnect with not only my faith but start including my perspective with my children. Right now I’m trying to figure out what will be the craft project that will spring forth all my family and friends Christmas gifts. I have a complicated list this year. With a new boyfriend that comes with new boyfriends’ parents and new boyfriends’ siblings as well as new boyfriends’ nieces and nephews. I also have grown closer to some old friends and apart from others. Don’t forget old boyfriends’ parents and siblings, as well as immediate family. My children are older this year and by older we have 5 and 1. So the 5 year old can participate more in the creation of gifts while the 1 year old will need to be sedated and keep away from all glitter and glue. I have decided that this year my children and I will start a new tradition 21 days of Yule. Each day we will create something small, either a small treat, a decoration, and even the beginning of gifts for our loved ones. So please come celebrate 21 days of Yule with me. We will be starting our journey December 1st.


*Southern Hemisphere Date: November 1st
*Northern Hemisphere Date: May 1st

*Origins: Pronounced Bell-tayn or Be-el-ten-ah, it falls opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year. Also known as Bealtaine, it is likely to come from the Irish word for balefire. It is of equal importance as Samhain on the Wicca calender.

The young God now matures into manhood. Union and love between the Goddess and God is marked by the Great Rite. Symbols of Beltane include the cauldron (Goddess) and May Pole (God).


*Southern Hemisphere Date: September 23rd
*Northern Hemisphere Date: March 21st

*Origins: Pronounced Oh-star-ah, and named after an ancient virgin Germanic Goddess of Spring, it is also called Alban Eiler in Caledonii and falls on the Spring Equinox.

As the God walks across the face of the Earth, the Goddess finally shrugs of her sleep. The days and nights are now of equal length, the light blanketing the Earth with fertility. It is now a time to sow spells for your future. Symbols of Ostara include eggs and rabbits.


*Southern Hemisphere Date: August 1st
*Northern Hemisphere Date: February 2nd

*Origins: Pronounced Imbolc, also called Candlemas or Imbolc, it originated in Ireland as a holy day for Brigid, the Great Mother Goddess, who was in the form of a bride for the returned Sun God.

After giving birth of the God, the Goddess awakens from her recovery by the lengthening days of light. The Earth begins to feel this warmth, marking a return to the months of Spring. Imbolg is also a festival of Fires, to symbolise the coming return of life and the replenished powers of the Sun. In Some Wicca covens, it is also a traditional time for initiations.


*Southern Hemisphere Date: June 21st
*Northern Hemisphere Date: December 22nd

*Origins: Yule is from Old Norse which means “wheel” as it is a symbol  that the year has turned. Falling on a Solstice, it marks the start of the  New Year in Norse and Roman times.

At Yule, the God is traditionally born by the Goddess, a divine birth. This is time of the year when the day is short and the night is long. Candles are lit to welcome back the returning light of the sun ahead. The Sun, a symbol of the God, renews itself from the dark, symbol of death. In Pagan lore, this is the time when the Oak King (a symbol of divine rebirth) overpowers the Holly King (a symbol of death). Celebrated items for Yule include the decorated evergreen tree, the Yule Log, and the exchange of gifts.


*Southern Hemisphere Date:April 30th
*Northern Hemisphere Date:October 31st

*Origins: Pronounced Sow-wyn, Samhain comes from the Irish-Gaelic word “samhraidhreadh”, which means “the summer’s end”. This point on the calender was marked when the ancient standing stones in the British Isles measured the sun at it’s lowest point on the horizon.

As winter nears, the God approaches his death. The Goddess though prepares for his rebirth and there is both sorrow and happiness. Animals were culled to ensure a supply of food and remaining crops were left fallow for winter the winter months. It is often said that the veil between life and death is thinnest as a result of death of the God, the animals and plants. Wiccans recognise though that death is not final and that from it renews life again. Samhain is therefore a celebration of life over death as well as a time to remember those who have passed into a new life.

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