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Blessing for a Meal

Provided by BlueTail

Blessing for a Meal

Great Spirit,
We thank you for the gifts s of this food.
We send blessings of peace, love, and release to all whose bodies and
energies went into bringing us this nourishment.
We honor you in our enjoyment and utilization of this meal.
May it bring us health and joy.
Reminding us of our interconnections with All That Is.
As we receive, so do we give back
And give thanks for this gift in the Cycle of Life.
Younger children:
Thank you, Great Spirit
Thank you, chicken and peas and milk (other foods)
Thank you, Mother Earth
We love this food.
When you cook for another, you are giving health and pleasure. Always cook with love and it will be received with love.

Basil Pesto

Provided by ThornWater

Basil Pesto

4 cups of packed fresh basil
3 or 4 cloves garlic
1/4 cup of pine nuts, walnuts, or pistachios
1/2 cup of Romano cheese, grated
1/2 cup of olive oil (virgin)

Combine all ingredients in food processor. makes 3 cups

Pine Needle Art

Provided by UnicornTears

Pine Needle Art

Material List
pine needles – a pretty big handfull should do it
sewing needle
thread, raffia or sinew in your favorite colour
wire cutters or strong fingers!

Soak the needles in hot water for about 45 minutes. Remove the caps (
the thick end of the pine needle ) by pulling them off with a pair of
wire cutters or just pull them off with your fingers. The needles will
stay in a cluster most of the time, but if they happen not to, do not
worry. Save the loose needles too.

I store my needles in a plastic bag ( loaf bread bags are good ) to keep
them from drying out while I work. When I am not weaving them I store
them in the bag in the refrigerator.

The raffia I use is treated, I slosh it up and down in a bath of warm
water for 10 seconds to get some of the oil out, not too much, you need
some of the oil left in. Separate the raffia by twisting one end until
you can divide the strands, otherwise it will be too thick to weave the
needles together. Now, you are ready to make your first basket!

First make a round beginning. Hold 6 to 8 pine needles with the blunt
end ( the end you took the caps off ) and wrap needles with raffia.

Next, twist needles around to start shaping bottom of candy dish.
Continue binding the circle around with the raffia. Keep doing this
until you get the size that you want. Continue adding needles as you go.

Some people use a gauge, or you can use a straw cut about 1″ in order to
keep your needles in line and make sure you have the same amount. I am a
free hand weaver, as you will be with practice!

To shape the candy dish after you’ve got the bottom the size you want,
simply begin an angle as you weave up the side. Stop when you get the
size you want.

Abscess Root

Provided by RoseMistAbscess Root
Botanical: Polemonium reptans
Family: N.O. Polemoniaceae
—Synonyms—American Greek Valerian. Blue Bells. False Jacob’s Ladder. Sweatroot.
—Habitat—United States.

—Description—This plant grows from New York to Wisconsin, in woods, damp grounds, and along shady river-banks. It has creeping roots, by which it multiplies very quickly. The stems are 9 to 10 inches high, much branched, bearing pinnate leaves with six or seven pairs of leaflets. The nodding, blue flowers are in loose, terminal bunches.
The slender rootstock, when dried and used as the drug, is 1 to 2 inches long and 1/8 inch in diameter, with the bases of numerous stems on the upper surface, and tufts of pale, slender, smooth, wiry, brittle roots on the underside. The rootstock has a slightly bitter and acrid taste.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Astringent, alterative, diaphoretic, expectorant. The drug has been recommended for use in febrile and inflammatory eases, all scrofulous diseases, in bowel complaints requiring an astringent, for the bites of venomous snakes and insects, for bronchitis and laryngitis and whenever an alterative is required. It is reported to have cured consumption; an infusion of the root in wineglassful doses is useful in coughs, colds and all lung complaints, producing copious perspiration.

The tincture of the root is made of whisky.

—Dosage—1 to 2 fluid ounces, two or three times a day.

Aquarius Oil

Provided by RoseMist

Aquarius Oil
5 drops Lavender oil
1 drop Cypress oil
1 drop Patchouli oil

Selene Goddess of the Moon

Provided by InnoceneLost

Selene – The Radiant – Goddess of the Moon
(Her Roman counterpart was Luna.)

Hymn to Selene

Muses, sweet-speaking daughters of Zeus Kronides
and mistresses of song, sing next of long-winged Moon!
From her immortal head a heaven-sent glow
envelops the earth and great beauty arises
under its radiance. From her golden crown the dim air
is made to glitter as her rays turn night to noon,
whenever bright Selene, having bathed her beautiful skin
in the Ocean, put on her shining rainment
and harnessed her proud-necked and glittering steeds,
swiftly drives them on as their manes play
with the evening, dividing the months. Her great orbit is full
and as she waxes a most brilliant light appears
in the sky. Thus to mortals she is a sign and a token.

According to the poet Hesiod, Selene was the daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios, the Sun and Eos the Dawn. Other sources claim she was the child of Pallas and Euryphaessa. Selene, the eternally beautiful goddess of the Moon, was usually represented as a woman with the moon, often in crescent form on her head and driving a chariot pulled by two white horses. At night, she rose from the ocean and with her chariot and rode through the sky.

Selene is one of the Greek triple Goddess of the Moon, Artemis – Waxing Moon, Selene – the Full Moon and Hecate – the Waning Moon. In the maiden, mother, crone aspects of the Goddess, Selene is the mother Goddess, Artemis the maiden and Hecate the Crone.

The mother aspect of the triple Goddess represents womanhood, she is represented by the full moon, were she is at the height of her reproductive potential. The Earth as Gaia, the mother, in whom life can be reborn, where seeds germinate and produce new crops, so the Mother Goddess was also able to bring forth new life. Selene, is the fruitful mother, the Star Goddess, the Sky Goddess, the keeper of the silver wheel of stars, is honoured at the Full Moon and the days of the full and new moon were set aside for her worship. She is also a teacher of the magicians. As Luna, she had temples at Rome on the Aventine and Palatine hills.

She is known for her various love affairs, with Zeus, she is the mother of Pandia meaning ‘All-bright’ and Ersa meaning ‘Dew’, with Pan who gave her a herd of white oxen and by Endymion, she is the mother of fifty daughters, who are said to represent the fifty lunar months that elapse between each Olympiad.

Selene and Endymion

According to mythology, Selene saw Endymion, a shepherd, asleep in a cave on Mt. Latmus as she drove he chariot across the sky, as she gazed upon Endymion she fell madly in love with him and began an affair with Endymion, from whom she gave birth to fifty daughters. But Endymion, being, mortal, was susceptable to aging and death, Selene could not bear the thought of this cruel fate, she asked Zeus to grant Endymion eternal sleep, she had learned from her sister, Eos, not to ask for eternal life or she would have a grasshopper. So it was that Endymion would remain eternally youthful by casting a spell that would cause him to sleep forever and while he dreamed of holding the moon in his arms, Selene bore him fifty daughters.

” Selene is a favorite of many poets, especially love poets. A moonlit night brings the feeling of romance. It is said that Selene’s moon rays fall upon sleeping mortals, and her kisses fell upon her love, Endymion. ”
–From Encyclopedia Mythica


Day of the week: Monday
Festival: 7th February
Perfume: white poppy, white rose, wallflower
Incense: myrtle
Wood: willow
Color: silver, grey-white
Influences: agriculture, domestic, long life, medicine, travels, visions, theft (new moon)
Candle: white

Finding the Still Place

Provided by ThornWater

Finding the Still Place
Or Washing the Doors of Perception
“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man
as it is, infinite.”
~ William Blake

Great thoughts form in the void between mundane thoughts. Worrying,
planning, analyzing, classifying, ordering, criticizing, fantasizing,
plotting, fuming, and regretting may serve some purpose in our psychic lives, but they are mostly static for our deeper selves. When we calm down and listen to the inner voice that can best be heard in quiet times, we can access our wiser mind.

Gaining access to the still place can seem like finding the way through a maze in the dark. To find it quickly, when we need it, we must become familiar with the way ahead of time. If we had to find a dark place in a ,maze quickly, we would want to ,practice going there over and over, until it became second nature. It is the same with finding our quiet mind. We need to go there repeatedly so that we know the way and it becomes easier to make the trip when we might need to.

If life is stressful, what better time to go inside ourselves just to
listen and observe? Wisdom can only come out of accepting what is. We can only accept what is if we drop through our preconceptions, projections, and fantasies to perceive clearly. Meditation is the tool for cleansing the doors of perception.

Breathing in
Breathing out
Sitting still
Slight inner smile
Ungrasping mind
Open mind
Thoughts pass untethered
Checking posture
Back to the breath
Breathing in
Breathing out
Just sitting
Not clinging

Champagne Bubble Bath

Provided by Midnight RoseChampagne Bubble Bath

1/4 C foaming concentrate
3/4 C distilled water
1/2 tsp. table salt (not sea salt)
1 TBSP. glycerin
1/4 tsp. Champagne or white wine fragrance oil

Buy a split of champagne- drink it or toss it but keep
the bottle. Heat water (not boiling just hot), stir in concentrate and
glycerin until completely dissolved. Add fragrance oil and stir well.
Add salt stirring until dissolved. Allow mixture to cool. If it is not
as thick as you would like add another 1/4 tsp. salt stirring until
dissolved. Pour into a clean
champagne split and seal bottle. Using a pink or white paint pen create
labels for the front and back on gold stickers. With a square of candy
foil cover the cork, twisting at the neck.


*Southern Hemisphere Date:April 30th
*Northern Hemisphere Date:October 31st

*Origins: Pronounced Sow-wyn, Samhain comes from the Irish-Gaelic word “samhraidhreadh”, which means “the summer’s end”. This point on the calender was marked when the ancient standing stones in the British Isles measured the sun at it’s lowest point on the horizon.

As winter nears, the God approaches his death. The Goddess though prepares for his rebirth and there is both sorrow and happiness. Animals were culled to ensure a supply of food and remaining crops were left fallow for winter the winter months. It is often said that the veil between life and death is thinnest as a result of death of the God, the animals and plants. Wiccans recognise though that death is not final and that from it renews life again. Samhain is therefore a celebration of life over death as well as a time to remember those who have passed into a new life.

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