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Botanical: Alkanna tinctoria (TAUSCH.), Lithosfermum tinctorium (VAH L.)
Family: N.O. Boraginaceae
—Synonyms—Anchusa. Dyer’s Bugloss. Spanish Bugloss. Orchanet.
—Part Used—Root.


The name Anchusa is derived from the Greek anchousa=paint, from the use of the root as a dye.
The species are hispid or pubescent herbs, with oblong, entire leaves, and bracteated racemes, rolled up before the flowers expand. The corolla is rather small, between funnel and salver-shaped; usually purplish-blue, but in some species yellow or whitish; the calyx enlarges in fruit. The root, which is often very large in proportion to the size of the plant, yields in many of the species a red dye from the rind.

Alkanet (A. tinctoria) is cultivated in Central and Southern Europe for its dye, which is readily extracted by oils and spirit of wine. It is employed in pharmacy to give a red colour to salves, etc., and in staining wood in imitation of rosewood, or mahogany. This is done by rubbing it with oil in which the Alkanet root has been soaked. About 8 to 10 tons were annually imported from France and Germany. The plant is sometimes also cultivated in Britan, but by far the greater portion of the Alkanet used here is imported either from the Levant or from the neighbourhood of Montpellier, in France.

Though Alkanet imparts a fine deep red colour to oily substances and to spirit of wine, it tinges water with a dull brownish hue. Wax tinged with Alkanet, and applied to the surface of warm marble, stains it flesh-colour and sinks deep into the stone. It is also used in colouring spurious ‘port-wine,’ for which purpose it is perfectly harmless.

Our British species, the Common Alkanet (A. officinalis), is a soft, hairy plant with an angular stem, narrow, lanceolate leaves; and forked, one-sided cymes of violet flowers; calyx longer than the funnel-shaped corolla. It is an occasional escape from gardens. It is a biennial, and flowers from June to July.

The Evergreen Alkanet (A. sempervireus) is also found in Great Britain. This is a stout bristly plant, with deep green, ovate leaves, and long-stalked axillary, crowded clusters of rather large flowers, which are of an intense azure blue and have a short tube to the corolla. It is not generally considered a native, but it is not an uncommon hedgeplant in Devonshire. It is a perennial and flowers from May to August.

Parkinson says that the French ladies of his day coloured their faces with an ointment containing anchusa and the colour did not last long.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Culpepper says:
‘It is an herb under the dominion of Venus, and indeed one of her darlings, though somewhat hard to come by. It helps old ulcers, hot inflammations, burnings by common fire and St. Anthony’s fire . . . for these uses your best way is to make it into an ointment also if you make a vinegar of it, as you make a vinegar of roses, it helps the morphy and leprosy . . . it helps the yellow jaundice, spleen, and gravel in the kidneys. Dioscorides saith, it helps such as are bitten by venomous beasts, whether it be taken inwardly or applied to the wound, nay, he saith further, if any that hath newly eaten it do but spit into the mouth of a serpent, the serpent instantly dies…. It also kills worms. Its decoction made in wine and drank, strengthens the back, and easeth the pains thereof. It helps bruises and falls, and is as gallant a remedy to drive out the smallpox and measles as any is; an ointment made of it is excellent for green wounds, pricks or thrusts.’


Celtic (Irish). One of the triple goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. She is
the daughter of The Dagda, the deity of the Tuatha de Danaan, one of the
most ancient people of Northern Europe. Some say there are actually three
Brigits; one is in charge of poetry and inspiration; one is in charge of
midwifery and healing, and the last is in charge of crafts and smiths.

She probably began as a sun goddess. According to legend, she was born at
sunrise and a tower of flame beamed from her head.

As goddess of fire and water, she is immortalized by many wells and springs.
Most important of her monuments, though, was a shrine at Kildare where there
was a perpetual flame burning for Brigit. It was tended by nineteen virgins
called the Daughters of the Flame. They would not talk to men, nor could men
come near the shrine.

When Christianity began its onset, so loved was Brigit that she was made a
saint. However, the upkeep on her flame was considered pagan by the church
and it was extinguished out of more than a thousand years of burning. St.
Brigit remains one of the most popular Irish saints today, along with Saint

Identical to Juno, Queen of Heaven. Symbolizes human potential. AKA Brigit,
Brigid, Brigindo, Bride.

Dark the bitter winter,
cutting its sharpness,
but Bride’s mantle
brings spring to Ireland.

-Translated from Gaelic text.


Celtic (Irish) god of healing and medicine. Once saved Ireland, married to

In the first battle of Moy Tura, Nuada lost his hand. Diancecht fashioned a
new one of silver and joined it to Nuada’s arm. One day, Diancecht’s son
Miach took what remained of Nuada’s original flesh hand, placed it next to
Nuada’s arm, and spoke an incant. After three days and nights the hand was
rejoined to the arm seamlessly.

Nuada rejoiced, but Diancecht was furious that his son was a better healer
than he was. Diancecht struck Miach thrice on the head with his sword. Miach
was able to heal each wound. Diancecht, more furious now, split Miach’s head
in two, killing him. From Miach’s grave grew 365 herbs, each one with
curative powers for one of the 365 nerves in the body. Miach’s sister,
Airmid, picked these herbs and arranged them according to their curative

Diancecht became so enraged that his son rivaled him even after death that
he scattered the herbs about, hoplessly confusing them. If Diancecht hadn’t
done this, man would be immortal.

Crystal Pool Meditation

You are walking along a gravel path surrounded by trees of all shapes
and sizes.
Its a late summers evening, just before dark and you are feeling more
relaxed with each step you take.
The sun is lowering in the sky, and beautiful shades of deep orange
filter through the canopy of leaves.
As you breathe in you can smell the musty aroma of grass, leaves and
You continue along the path and you see a faintly trodden line of
flattened grass going from the path between two large oak trees.
You know you must follow it, so you step from the gravel path and
walk along between the trees and dense undergrowth behind them.
The light is becoming dimmer, but you are not afraid.
You can see the pathway is beginning to slope gently downwards.
You feel excited, you are wondering where this path is leading. You
know you have to continue onward.

You hear faint sounds all around you, and smell the musky odour of
the trees.

The light is near diminished, the moon will soon be showing its face.
You cannot wait as you know tonight is a full moon.

You continue forward, you see a squirrel running along the path in
front of you. it does not seem bothered by your presence.
Then with a blink of an eye it scampers up a tree.

You come to a small clearing and the moon is starting to show. You
can hear running water, but cannot see where it is coming from.

Just in front of you, about 50 feet away, you see a few bushes and
trees clumped together. You walk over to them. The sound of water
running is stronger now.
You push your way through the bushes.
The moon is now round and beautiful up in the royal blue and navy
sky. Tiny stars are dotted across the velvet blanket, making you look
in awe at their spectacle.

You walk forward and then you see the source of the running water.
It is breathtakingly beautiful.

A waterfall running down thick rocks of pure crystal into a pool of
crisp, clear water.
The moons reflection upon the soft ripples of the pool, make it look
like running silver.
Around the edge of the pool are amethyst, clear quartz, sapphire,
ruby, carnelian, and amber flowers with leaves of peridot and emerald.
They shine and dance as the moons rays softly fall upon them.

It is beautiful and peaceful and beckoning you to continue nearer.

As the water falls down the pure crystal rocks, you can hear the
sound of tiny bells.
You walk closer and can see small, crystal, bell shaped flowers
overhanging the edge.
With every drop of water that sprays onto them, they play a sweet
melody. It soothes you with every note.

You want to enter the pool. So you undress and gently lower yourself
down the crystal steps and enter the cool, clear, silvery water.

You feel at ease and as the water covers your body, you feel waves of
healing energy wash over you.
Gone are any aches and pains.
Gone are any negative thoughts.
Gone are the stresses of your daily life.

You swim around the pool then over to the edge where there is a large
crop of gemstone flowers.
You lift yourself up and take a deep breath.
The flowers have aromas of all your favourite smells. The ones that
conjure the best memories for you.

You get back into the water and swim over to the crystal waterfall.
You step out of the pool and stand under the fountain of water
teeming down the solid crystal rocks.

Your skin tingles as soothing waters destresses and detoxifies your
You feel alive, so free and at such peace.

The moon shines down upon you as you stand naked and whole under the
soothing, healing waters.

You know you must leave and get back home.

You swim across the pool, back to the crystal steps.
You walk up the steps to the edge of the pool.
Slowly you dress.

You set off towards the bushes, knowing that you can return to this
place at anytime.

Pushing aside the branches, you head back to the clearing.
You stop for a few seconds and swing yourself around under the
fullness of the moon, soaking up its power.

You then step onto the path and see the squirrel. It runs along the
path, just in front of you… leading you back to the large oak trees.

You thank the squirrel for guiding you back, then step onto the
gravel path.

You walk slowly back the way you came.
Your body still tingling from the gemstone pool and waterfall.

Soon you are back to where you started, but now feeling energised,
destressed and alive.

BY Witchy

Banishing Oils

*to banish unwanted negative energies, ill wishes or baneful habits.*
3 drops Cypress
2 drops Clove
2 drops Cedarwood
Optional: Roll candle in one or more of the following: Rose, Fern, Elder or Cinquefoil.

Honey Fry Bread

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup whole-wheat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup honey
2 cups vegetable oil, for frying

Mix the flours, salt, sugar and baking powder together. Add about 1/2 cup water and mix well, adding a bit more water if needed to make a stiff dough. Turn out on lightly floured surface and knead until dough becomes elastic and smooth. Let rest for 10 minutes.
Roll out 1/2 inch thick. Cut into squares, strips, or circles. Deep fry in very hot oil until golden brown. Drain on brown paper bags or paper towels. Drizzle honey in a very thin stream over bread and serve immediately. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon if desired.
NOTE: This is a variation of the southwestern U.S. fry bread recipe.

Wild Garden Shower Soap

This shower soap is ideal for everyday use.


1/2 cup distilled water

1/2 cup orange flower water

1 tablespoon dried peppermint leaves

1 tablespoon dried chamomile

1 tablespoon dried rose petals

1 tablespoon orange blossoms

1/2 tablespoon unscented glycerin soap

1 teaspoon castor oil


Combine the distilled water and orange flower water

in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove the pan from

the heat and add the dried peppermint, chamomile, rose

petals, and orange blossoms. Let steep for one hour.

Strain the herbs and flowers from the water and

rehear gently. Add the glycerin soap and stir in the

castor oil. Let cool to room temperature and bottle

Snow Moon Craft: Personal Peace & Happiness

Snow Moon Craft:  Personal Peace & Happiness

Source:  Moon Magic

By:  DJ Conway


It can be a simple task to make a demon trap for your home.  This device will trap incoming negative energies before they can disrupt the harmony of your residence.


Take a white piece of paper. When you wrote the following words on it, write them in a spiral, leading from the outer edge to the center of the paper.


Write:  “All you spirits of disruption and disharmony, into this trap are you drawn.  From the center you can only return to your original domain.”


Place this flat under the rug by the front door.  If anyone enters with such creatures in their wake, the “demons” will be trapped at the door.  This is a very ancient device used by the people of Mesopotamia.


ALOHA, Serge King — a full moon blessing

              The only Temple of Peace worth building
              Is in your heart, Serge
              Is in the human heart
              In your students hearts
              Peace can not be won with money, Serge
              Peace can not be bought
              Nor can peace be sold
              But peace must be earned
              In loving, selfless service to us all
              Giving, regiving
              Just for the Joy of It
              THAT is Aloha
              Aloha is never prosperity, Serge
              Bought with the money
              Tinkling in your pocket
              Aloha is free
              Giving, regiving in poverty
              Sings an ancient song
              Full of Joy, Bliss and Love
              The true coin of Peace
              A so is giving, regiving in wealth
              A thing of beauty
              Filled with ancient glory
              With blessings and thanks, I give you this gift
              May it touch your heart
              And open your heart
              May it touch all hearts
              ALOHA, Serge King!
                 Date:  01-22-89  05:33
                 Hugh Read
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