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Angelica Tree

Botanical: Aralia spinosa
Family: N.O. Araliaceae
—Synonyms—Hercules Club. Toothache Tree. Prickly Elder. Prickly Ash, though not to be confused with the better-known Prickly Ash.
—Parts Used—Bark, root and berries.
—Habitat—Virginia and Japan.

—Description—Grows from 8 to 12 feet high stem and leaves prickly, leaves doubly and triply pinnate, ovate, serrated leaflets, panicles much branched, downy, numerous umbels of white flowers, blooming in August and September, berries juicy and blackish.
The bark is used officially (is thin and ashcoloured), but other parts of the plant possess medical properties- odour fragrant and peculiar, slightly bitter taste.

—Constituents—Aralia spinosa contains a glucoside Araliin.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Fresh bark causes/vomiting and purging, but dried is a stimulating alterative. A tincture made from the bark is used for rheumatism, skin diseases and syphilis. The berries in tincture form, lull pain in decayed teeth and in other parts of the body, violent colic and rheumatism, useful in cholera when a cathartic is required in the following compound: 1 drachm compound powdered Jalap, 1 drachm Aralia spinosa, 2 drachms compound rhubarb powder or infused in 1/2, pint boiling water and when cold taken in tablespoonful doses every half-hour. This does not produce choleric discharges. Also a powerful sialogogue and valuable in diseases where mouth and throat get dry, and for sore throat; will relieve difficult breathing and produce moisture if given in very small doses of the powder. The bark, root, and berries can all be utilized.


Themes: Balance, masculinity, femininity, honour, reason, leadership
Symbols: Two-sided items:Yin/Yang symbol

About Hermaphroditos: This androgynous deity was once the son of Hermes
but he loved the nymph Salmakisso much that the lovers became one body
and soul, neither the male nor the female being discernible. In this
form, Hermaphroditos reminds us that the Goddess is also God, blending
the best of both sexes together into powerful, productive energy.

To Do Today: A the midpoint of the year, we take a moment’s pause from
the Goddess to honour her consort and the half, the God, represented by
Fathers everywhere. Take time to thank the men in your life and pamper
them today. Ask Hermaphroditos to show you the Goddess within them and
how God and Goddess work together, making each person unique.

In magick traditions, the God aspect is the conscious, logical force of
the Universe who offers us the attributes of leadership, reason and
focus. This persona and energy is part of the Goddess – one cannot be
separated from the other. This is a good day to look within yourself,
find both aspects of the Divine and concentrate on bringing them into
balance. If you are normally headstrong, back off a bit. If you’re
normally a wallflower, get daring! If you like to plan, become
spontaneous and so forth. Hermaphroditos will show you the way!

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation

The maiden goddess Europa went in search of her dear maidens, those
beloved ones with whom she loved to play
When she was dressed for dancing, or when she bathed laughing in the
river’s mouth, or when she gathered lilies in the fields.
She found them all, carrying flower baskets, intent upon filling
them in the meadows by the shining sea, filling them with blooms.
And so Europa went along, with her golden basket, and at the seashore
she delighted in both the sprawl of wild roses and the sound of waves.
~ Greek Poet Mochus, Idyll

The flowers that surround us at this time of year are one of nature’s
most welcome gifts. The bright colours, the sweet fragrances, the
delicate petal softness, the sound of the industrious bee, the taste of
honey – flowers appeal to all our senses.

While it is true that the colours and fragrances of flowers evolved in
order to assist us with fertilization and thus reproduction of the
species, flowers seem to hold more beauty than is strictly necessary.
There is much in nature that seems simply beautiful for its own sake;
there is a kind of surplus beauty that the planet offers to us.
Accepting and celebrating this beauty is one of our most cherished
duties as children of the goddess.

from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

Getting in touch with your inner feelings meditation

Created By Leonie Faye


Make  yourself  comfortable –   close  your eyes –  take  a deep cleansing breath  in –  and  breathe  out –  breathe in –  breathe out –  relax  your  body – relax your mind – Breathe in and  out slowly and  deeply, all the time relaxing  more  and more – do not allow any  noises to disturb your relaxation,  make them a  part  of  your meditation.   Allow stray thoughts  to  wander  in and out  of  your  mind,  do not  hold onto  any thoughts, let them  flow off into the universe*  (10 sec pause)  Slow your  mind down –  Bring yourself into a state of total relaxation – lift away the dust from your soul –   Allow positive life cleansing energy the right to enter into your  body –   Give it free passage to your heart – breathe  slowly and  softly in and out  relaxing  your mind and your body.  Empty your mind of all emotions –    Try and feel none of the negative feelings  that hinder your growth –  Empty  your mind  of any negative  thoughts that make  you  believe the worst in yourself and  in your fellow man –   Allow yourself to  just drift  like a white cloud in a bright blue sky – breathe in, breathe out –  your mind is slowing down  –  your body is beginning to  relax –  Breathe in, breathe out. I watch as I release my tension –  fear – anger and  worry leave my body on a wave of healing energy.  Count yourself down into total relaxation – breathe slowly and silently –  ten – nine -.eight – seven –  six- five -four – .three – two -one  – let yourself sink deeper and deeper — you are totally relaxed – you are ready  for  meditation – you are ready  for  inner healing.  Place a shield of  white, gold, blue and silver healing energy around  your body – this energy  will block  out any negative influence –  you are safe and protected. Bring your awareness to your Heart  Feel the energy that comes from this  special place –   It is warm, loving, caring and full of joy and happiness. – Allow yourself to see into your heart, as if you are seeing into a spiral of energy spinning around and around – See it  radiating bright greens and soft pinks. –  Breathe in deep and focus all your attention to your heart and  breathe out – Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. – Visualise that you are entering into the spiral of energy that is your heart. –  Allow yourself to merge into the spiral as if  you are entering into beautiful rain forest – Go deeper and deeper into your heart. –  Breathing deeply, allow yourself to just exist there. ( pause for 10 sec)  Visualise that you see a great vibrant mass of green energy coming at you like a fireball –  Feel it hit you with a great amount of force, exploding and surrounding your whole body with energy. –  Allow yourself to feel the heat that comes from this fireball – Feel it surround you, making you feel alive and empowered with energy – Visualise that the energy is travelling up your feet and into your lower back and stomach and then travelling up to your heart – Feel the warmth that enters into you – Feel the energy travel into your heart and become aware of any sensations that you feel – Feel the energy reconnect with your heart  and feel the warmth that occurs when it enters Visualise it re-vitalising your depleted energy – Feel it open up your emotions of love, compassion, joy and freedom. Today I  will allow myself to become more positive in the way I treat myself and others –  I  allow  myself  to feel  feelings to express myself openly and honestly. –  I will find happiness and meaning in my work –  I will open my heart and  allow  myself to love my  children, my family and friends without any conditions. –  I will be kind and understanding without  expecting any conditions or expectations from others. –  I will have the courage to face  all my fears  –  Today I will become a more powerful psychic, a more powerful healer and  a more powerful teacher.  For a moment allow any sensations to emerge good or bad – Visualise that this energy is clearing and cleansing your chakra.- Allow the energy to remove all that is stopping you from feeling happy, well and balanced – Visualise seeing yourself exiting from your heart  – Slowly bring yourself back and become aware of your breath –   Now bring yourself back and become aware of your heart beat – Bring yourself back and allow yourself to become aware of the music – Slowly allow yourself to rise and become aware of your surroundings – Slowly wriggle your toes, then your legs, then your shoulders, your hands and slowly open your eyes.


Peace and Love Massage Oil

3 drops Patchouli oil
3 drops Sandalwood oil
1 ounce unscented base oil

Infinity Pasta

A spiral, depending on whether it spirals from the left or right, can mean either infinity or spirituality. Personally, I don’t see much difference between the two. By the time you begin to grasp the true extent of infinity, you already have a strong foundation in the spiritual.

Like most busy people who work full-time and take care of a family, too, I often don’t have time to plan a spiritual meal, either for myself, my family, or–horrors!–drop-in company. Years ago, I came across a handy recipe that I adapted to my own family’s tastes. It can be frozen in a lasagna pan for the whole family or for surprise company, or frozen individually in little meatloaf tins to be thawed later and combined with a salad to take to my day-job. This way, even when life is at its most hectic, I can sit down with a spiral of my infinity pasta and contemplate my spirituality.

Start with one package or jar of prepared spaghetti sauce heating in a medium-sized saucepan. If you’re a mushroom or pepper and onions lover, you can choose a sauce with your favorite vegetables included. If you have plenty of time to cook, try making your spaghetti sauce from scratch. Add 1 can (6 oz) of tomato paste, symbolic of love and protection, 2.25 cups water, and 2 tablespoons of butter to the saucepan. While the tomato mixture simmers, cook 8 ounces of lasagna noodles according to their packaging instructions, and drain them.

Beat two eggs lightly and pour them into a large bowl. Add 2 cups of ricotta cheese, .25 cup of grated Parmesan cheese, and 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese. Mix well, contemplating the spirals of your stirring and the spirituality you cook into your meal. Start in the center and stir your spirals outward, then in again. Next add 1 tsp of dried basil, also for love and protection and stir it in with spirals.

Lay out each cooked, drained noodle and spread some of the cheese mixture the length of each, but no more than .25 cup on each. Then roll up each noodle. They should close without your having to use toothpicks.

Place the noodles in their baking pan(s). Spoon the tomato sauce mixture over each noodle and then sprinkle each noodle with Parmesan cheese. Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes, or until bubbly. If you prefer something a little quicker, you can microwave the noodles (in microwave-safe dishes) for 7 minutes on high (cover with fork-vented plastic wrap first), pour sauce over the cooked noodles, then nuke ‘em for another minute on high.

Or you can cast your spirals into the freezer for a later meal or sprinkle basil leaves, fresh from your herb garden, onto the spiral pasta and eat it while it’s hot! Serves up to 8.

From Gifts for the Goddess on an Autumn Afternoon

C2000 by Lorna Tedder and Aislinn Bailey

Bath Cookies

2 cups finely ground sea salt
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch
2 tablespoon light oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil ( I buy capsule and squeeze the oil out of it )
2 eggs
5-6 drops essential oil of your choice- chamomile is nice
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Mix together the ingredients.
Take a teaspoon of the dough and roll it gently into a ball ( about 1-
inch in diameter ).
Continue doing this with all the dough and place on an ungreased cookie
Bake the cookies for about 10 minutes, until they are lightly browned (
do not overbake ).
Allow the cookies to cool completely.
To use: Drop 1 to 2 cookies into a warm bath and allow to dissolve.
YIELD: 24 cookies. enough for 12 baths.

How to Extract Dye From Coffee or Tea

How to Extract Dye From Coffee or Tea
For a deep tan-yellow color, try coffee or tea leaves.

1.      Boil some ground coffee or tea for 20 to 30 minutes.

2.      Make it as strong as possible.

3.      Strain the water through a piece of cheesecloth to remove the leaves or grounds.

4.      Add 3 gal. cold water to make a dye bath.


Fabrics being dyed with this solution should be immersed and boiled in it for 1 1/2 hours or so.

Cotton dyed with coffee is not colorfast. Measure 2 tbsp. vinegar into the solution to help make it permanent.

Book Of Shadows Blessing

Hearken as the Witch’s word
Calls the Lady and the Lord
Moon above and earth below
Sky’s cool blue and sun’s hot glow,
In this right and ready hour,
Fill these pages with thy power.
May no unprepared eye to see
The secrets which entrusted be.
To I who walk the hidden road
To find the hearthstone’s calm abode.
Guardians from the four directions,
Hear me and lend Thy protection:
May these truths of Earth and Skies
Shielded be from prying eyes.
But to the witches whose map this be
May the way be plain to see;
And through all the coming ages,
May we find home in these pages.
So mote it be!

**Borrowed from Silver RavenWolf**

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