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Meditation to Find a Magickal Name

If you have access to a tape recorder, you should record the following
meditation as it is very easy to allow your mind to travel with this method.

If you are one that has a good, clear memory, then you may choose to do it
entirely from memory.

For this exercise to begin, you need to do whatever it takes to relax, clear
and protect your mind.

You are standing at the edge of a forest. You are on a path that has come
through a meadow of tall grass. Upon the path, you are aware of birds and other
animals’ presence. You can hear and see the animals scurrying in the grass
around you. You can smell the various scents of flowers and weeds as you walk
barefoot through the soft loose dirt of the path. There are areas where the grass
covers the path, but it is very soft and pleasant to your feet. There is a
taste of freshness in the air as if it has just rained, yet the path is dry.

As you enter the forest, you notice that the trails of animals are leading
off in different directions. You stop to consider the animals that made these
trails through the woods. There are larger paths and smaller ones.

Look down these pathways and determine if you can see one of these animals.
Choose a path and follow it. The path leads a winding trail deeper and deeper
into the forest. There is no human life this deep within the woods.

Up ahead is a clearing and you head towards it. In the clearing, you see what
looks like steps. As you near the object, you see that it is the steps of a
very ancient building. Look around you and see that all paths end here.

Climbing the steps, you come to a great door with a polished knocker, which
you use to rap on the door. The door opens to you. Before you are more steps.
Look around, what do you see? Now climbing the inner stairway, you reach the
upper room without a door. As you enter the room, you notice that it is a
library in which there are thousands of books. Look around and if you feel drawn to
a particular section, maybe you’ll be drawn to a particular book. Take this
book and examine its cover. What do you see?

Mark this well within your mind.

Replacing the book, descend the inner stairwell and exit the building. The
door closes behind you as you descent the outer steps. Remember and find the
SAME PATH that brought you here. Follow the path back through the forest the same
way you came. You find yourself back at the edge of the forest, again at the
meadow. Turn around and thank the animal that made this path. Go back through
the meadow, noticing the birds and animals, sights, sounds and smalls of the
journey as before. Return to your body.

Open your eyes slowly and breathe normally. Move your limbs, fingers and
toes. You have returned. Write down this experience in your mirror book. Remember
what you saw in the library. The information that you received will lead you
to a magickal name. Follow up on this information, and pay close attention to

Author Unknown

Curse Breaker Incense #2

You Will Need:

1:    2 Parts of Dried Frankincense
2:    1 Part of Dried Rosemary
3:    1 Part Dragon’s Blood
4:    A Lighter or Matches

To prepare / Make The Incense:

Smoulder the Frankincense, Rosemary and Dragon’s Blood together and visualize the smoke from it banishing all negativity from you.

Burn at an open window on a night, and repeat this for seven nights during the waning moon.

Tangy Olive Salsa

1 cup tomatoes peeled, diced
1/3 cup fresh parsley
1/4 cup yellow bell pepper, chopped
2 tablespoons Greek olives, pitted
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1-1/2 tablespoons capers, drained
1-1/2 tablespoons olive oil
1-1/2 teaspoon fresh basil, chopped
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
Dash cayenne pepper
Dash black pepper

Directions: Mix  ingredients. Put in refrigerator and cover for 1 hour to
enhance flavor. Makes 8 servings.

Per serving: 2g carbohydrates, 3g fat, 37 calories

Calendula & Plantain Ointment

A good all around ointment to soothe irritated skin.

1/2 C. Dried Calendula Petals
1/2 C. Dried Plantain Leaves
Olive Oil to cover
About 1 Table. Beeswax
Place herbs in glass bowl over simmering water (or double broiler), cover with oil. Warm the oil stirring often for about 2 – 3 hours. Strain out the herbs and discard. Place herb oil back in bowl over steaming water and add
enough beeswax to create the desired consistency. Pour into lip balm jars.


Shoe Sachet

Shoe Sachet

1 Cup Solar Salt or Rock Salt
6 drops of Double Mint Blend
or use 3 drops of Peppermint
and 3 drops of Spearmint.

Add essential oils to the Salts and mix.
Place in a fabric square to make a sachet.
Place in shoes overnight.
Refresh with essential oils as needed.

Wine Blessing

Follows: working part of Esbat Circle (any worship Circle)

HPS stands in God position before altar. HP fills a Chalice with red wine
and offers it up to her from his knees.

HPS takes Athame between her palms and holds it above the Chalice.

HP:     “As the athame is to the male,
HPS:    so the cup is to the female;            (plunges Athame into Chalice)
Both:   and conjoined they bring blessedness.”

Laying athame aside, HPS accepts cup of HP (kiss), sips and returns it to him
(kiss) who also sips and arises to pass it to a woman (kiss) to sip
and hence from woman to man (kiss) and man to woman (kiss) about the Circle.
If more work is to be done, the cup makes the round but once
and is returned to the altar, else it is replaced in the center of the Circle.


Botanical: Chelone Glabra (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Scrophulariaceae
—Synonyms—Chelone. Snake-head. Turtle-head. Turtle-bloom. Shellflower. Salt-rheum Weed. Bitter Herb. Chelone Obliqua. Glatte. White Chelone. The Hummingbird Tree.
—Part Used—The whole fresh herb.
—Habitat—Eastern United States and Canada.

—Description—This erect little plant, from 2 to 4 feet high, grows sparingly on the margins of swamps, wet woods, and rivers. It is a perennial, smooth herb, bearing opposite, oblong leaves, and short, dense, terminal spikes of two-lipped, white or purplish, cream or rose flowers, the lower lip bearded in the throat and the heart-shaped anthers and filaments woolly. The leaves have a slight somewhat tea-like odour and a markedly bitter taste. They should be planted in pots to prevent the roots from creeping too far.
The name of the genus Chelone comes from the Greek word meaning a tortoise, from the resemblance of the corolla to a tortoise-head. The whole, fresh plant is chopped, pounded to a pulp, and weighed, and a tincture is prepared with alcohol. The decoction is made with 2 oz. of the fresh herb to a pint.

—Constituents—The bitter leaves communicate their properties to both water and alcohol. Chelonin is an eclectic medicine prepared from Chelone, and is a brown, bitter powder given as a tonic laxative.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—The leaves have anti-bilious, anthelmintic, tonic and detergent properties, with a peculiar action on the liver, and are used largely in consumption, dyspepsia, debility and jaundice, in diseases of the liver, and for worms in children for which the powder or decoction may be used internally or in injection. As an ointment it is recommended for inflamed tumours, irritable ulcers, inflamed breasts, piles, etc.

For long it has been a favourite tonic, laxative and purgative among the aborigines of North America, though their doses render its tonic value doubtful.

—Dosages—Of decoction, 1 to 2 fluid ounces. Of fluid extract, 1/2 to 1 drachm. Of the powder, 1 drachm. Of the tincture, 1 to 2 fluid drachms. Of Chelonin, 1 to 2 grains.

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion

I made the vow
and kept my word
I reached enlightenment
but rather than pass over
to the state of eternal bliss
I retain human form
till all beings attain enlightenment
Keeping human form
enabled me to know more deeply
the pain others experience
Because of my deep feelings
because of my understanding
of misery and suffering
because of my decision
I am called The Compassionate One
She Whose Name Alleviates All Suffering
But wouldn’t you prefer to wait
feeling what others feel
suffering what others suffer
knowing their pain as your own
wait till the end of all suffering and pain
till all beings attain enlightenment?
For me there was no other choice
The Mythology

Kuan Yin (pronounced koo-wan’yin), or “she who hears the weeping world”, is the Chinese
Buddhist bodhisatva of Compassion. She lives on her island paradise of P’u To Shan
where she is said to grant every prayer she hears. She is so powerful that even the
mention of her name will ease suffering and hardship. Choosing to remain in this world
after having attained enlightment, Kuan Yin has vowed to retain human form until all
beings attain enlightenment. In Japan she is known as Kwannon.

The Lessons of this Goddess

Kuan Lin appears mercifully in your life to tell you it is time to nurture wholeness
with compassion-compassion for others, compassion for your loved ones, compassion for
yourself. Do you find yourself feeling irritated or apathetic to the suffering of
others? Wht keeps you from your compassion? Di you allow yourself space and ease when
you are less than your idea of perfect? Do you find yourself wanting to hurt others
because you have been hurt? do you fear opening your heart to the plight of others
because it will hurt you? Compassion is the ability to listen deeply and allow others
and yourself the space to go through what needs to be gone through and to feel what
needs to be felt. The Goddess says that the way to alleviate your suffering is to
develop compassion for yourself. From that compassionate place within, you can manifest
compassion without.

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