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Botanical: Trillium pendulum (WILLD.)
Trillium erectum (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Liliaceae
—Synonyms—Indian Shamrock. Birthroot. Lamb’s Quarters. Wake-Robin. Indian Balm. Ground Lily.
—Parts Used—The dried root and rhizome. The leaves.
—Habitat—Middle and Western United States.

—Description—All the seventeen species of the genus are North American plants, distinguished by their possession of three green, persistent sepals and three larger withering petals, of varying colour.
Trillium erectum or T. pendulum, perennial, smooth herb, has an erect stem of from 10 to 15 inches in height, bearing three leaves, broad, almost rhomboid, and drooping white flowers, terminal and solitary. Grows in the rich soil of damp and shady woodlands, flowering in May and June.

The official description of the rhizome is ‘oblique, globular, oblong or obconical, truncate below., terminated by a small bud surrounded by a sheath of scarious leaf bases annulated by leaf scars and fissured by stem scars. It is from 0.6 to 5 cm. in length, and from 0.6 to 3.5 cm. in width, more or less compressed laterally, rootlet scars in several concentrie rows on the underside in the upper portions. Externally yellowish to reddish brown; internally of a pale yellow; fracture somewhat uneven with a more or less spongy appearance. Odour distinct; taste bitter and acrid, with a sensation of warmth in the throat, and when chewed causing an increased flow of saliva. Trillium yields not more than 5 per cent. of ash.’

The drug is one of those prepared by the Shakers.

—Constituents—There have been found in it volatile and fixed oils, tannic acid, saponin, a glucoside resembling convallamarin, an acid crystalline principle coloured brown tinged with purple by sulphuric acid, and light green with sulphuric acid and potassium dichromate, gum, resin, and much starch.

The fluid extract is an ingredient in Compound Elixir of Viburnum Opulus.

Professor E. S. Wayne isolated the active principle, calling it Trilline, but the preparation sold under that name has no medicinal value, while the Trilline of Professor Wayne has not been used.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Is said to have been in use among the aborigines and early settlers of North America. It is antiseptic, astringent and tonic expectorant, being used principally in haemorrhages, to promote parturition, and externally, usually in the form of a poultice, as a local irritant in skin diseases, or to restrain gangrene.

The leaves, boiled in lard, are sometimes applied to ulcers and tumours.

The roots may be boiled in milk, when they are helpful in diarrhoea and dysentery.

—Dosages—Of powdered root, a drachm three times a day. Of fluid extract, 30 minims, as astringent and tonic expectorant. Trilline, 2 to 4 grains.

—Other Species—Most of the genus Trillium have medicinal properties, especially T. erythrocarpum, T. grandiflorum, T. sessile, and T. nivale.

The acrid species are useful in fevers and chronic affections of the air-passages. Merely smelling the freshly-exposed surface of the red Beth roots will check bleeding from the nose.


Birthday of the Muse (Greece)

Themes: Creativity; Knowledge; History; Art
Symbols: Fountains; Springs; the Number 9

About Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne means “memory.” Remembrance is this
Goddess’s gift to us, memories of all the wonderful moments of our
lives. In Greek tradition, Mnemosyne also gave birth to the Muses
today–the nine creative spirit-children that give our lives so much
beauty: song, stories, tradition, humor, dance, and sacred music.
Greeks sometimes worshipped Mnemosyne in the form of a spring,
alluding to her profuse, flowing energy.

To Do Today: Absolutely anything thoughtful, creative, or inspiring
will grab Mnemosyne’s attention and encourage her participation in
your day. Try donning a unique combination of clothing that really
motivates you to do your best, or something that provokes fond
memories from the past. Wear an aroma that arouses your inventive
nature or cognitive abilities (jasmine and rosemary are two good
choices, respectively).

If there are special arts that you’ve learned from family or friends,
celebrate them today. Hum that little ditty from your childhood,
dust off that neglected craft item, try those recipes, listen to old
songs, and let Mnemosyne fill your hours with the encouragement that
comes from fond “musings.”
By Patricia Telesco~ From “365 Goddess” and GrannyMoon’s Morning

Soaring to the Future


With each exhale, feel yourself letting go. You can focus on your breathing and as you do, you can begin to let yourself relax.  You can slow down your breathing and let each breath take you deeper.  Let each exhale go longer.  As you do, your body begins to relax.  With each breath you can go deeper into relaxation, taking in the new and letting go of the old.  Taking in the light and love of the new and releasing all the fears and anxieties and doubts of the old.  Just letting go.


And as we count from 7 to 1, just let yourself go deeper.  Each number takes you closer to your place of safety.


7 – letting yourself become more and more relaxed.


6 – That’s it.  Just letting go.


5 – Letting your breathing relax you more.


4 – Imagining as you get closer to your place of safety.


3 – Realizing that very soon you will be in your safe place.


2 – almost there now.  Getting closer and closer and . . .


1.  Finding yourself there now – in this beautiful place.


Step onto the firm ground so you are back in your place of safety.  Let all your senses open. Just experience the beauty & majesty of being here.  Let yourself feel the wind.  Hear the sounds, the birds, the wind as it blows around you.  Feel the warmth of the sun.  Feeling the air, the ground beneath your feet.  Seeing the colors and the color of the sky – the color of the trees or of the grass or the water.  Smell the smells in this place – the grass, the ocean – the flowers or the trees.  Feeling the safety all around you and the joy of being here.  You are here in your place – where you can go and feel totally free.  Where all the heaviness can be totally lifted and you feel totally free.  Let yourself just feel that safety.


Now, as you are here in this place, think about the things happening in your life – the beliefs, doubts and fears that keep you standing on the edge of your reality – looking into the future, but not quite ready to step off and begin to soar.  Imagine what it would be like if you could let yourself truly soar – if you could let yourself just lift off all the weights, the burdens, the constrictions and begin to soar into the power and majesty of all that life has to offer.  Just imagine in this safety, what would it be like if you let go of all your doubts and fears and allowed yourself to be the powerful, magical being that you truly are.  Imagine what it could be like, once you decide to truly let go.


We would like to take you to the top of your reality.  Are you willing to join us?  Are you willing to move to the pinnacle ready to step off into the Unknown – not to fall … – not to crash — but to fly.  To fly, higher and higher until you begin to soar.  Would you like us to take you there?  Give us your permission and we will guide you gently to that pinnacle….


. . . .


With your permission, we begin to journey.  Imagine that you are exploring your place of safety and within that space you discover a path.  Allow yourself to begin to walk that path – a path that leads you across the bound of safety into the unknown.  We will journey with you if you desire.  And you can also invite your Higher Self to join you and any of your other Unseen Friends.  Let them journey with us to this pinnacle.


Imagine moving across the terrain.  Perhaps, you will cross a valley approaching majestic mountains.  Perhaps you will cross verdant meadows and plains filled with wildflowers.  Perhaps you will find yourself on a dusty road, walking in the warmth of the sun.  You will journey – across the terrain – through deserts, through forests, across the terrain of your life until you reach another path that begins to rise.


Follow this new path and feel yourself climbing higher and higher.  It may be a path that is well worn – many have been here before.  Or, perhaps it is a path strewn with rocks and boulders.  Move the obstacles out of your way – enlisting the help of your Guides and Unseen Friends.  Each step takes you higher and higher.  Notice how the air is becoming cooler and clearer.  Take a deep breath of this cool fresh air and feel the strength of your resolve.  Feel the power surging deep inside of you ready to burst forth – ready to assist you to soar!


Climbing higher and higher – but without struggle – effortlessly moving toward the pinnacle. Curving around the path, gently moving until you feel yourself arriving at the top.  And once there, you turn and see the magnificence of this view.  Look out across your entire reality – you can see the past far below you – as though you are viewing the journey of your life in the terrain far below.  Feel the freedom of being here so high above it all.


And then look out into the distance above you to see the lights and colors of the futures that are awaiting you.


You may see many different shapes and many different colors.  Some may be dark or grey or dim.  But there are others that are bright and glowing.  Focus on the brightest of these forms – like glowing clouds in the distance.  Notice the glowing, shifting shapes and colors.


Focus on the brightest of these futures and feel it drawing you toward it.  Can you feel the excitement that this future is offering you?


Allow yourself to move to the edge of this pinnacle – to the edge of this giant abyss.  What are the feelings that you feel as you are standing here.  Do you feel excitement?  Fear?  Trepidation? Ambivalence?  Notice the myriad of emotions that run through you.  What do you feel as we say we want you to step off the edge and allow yourself to soar?  What fears and doubts come up?


Identify these fears and doubts.  Can you fly for only a short time and are sure you will crash?  Do you fear you will only tumble to the bottom of the abyss?  Do you feel undeserving?  Not good enough?  Lacking in some way?


Acknowledge the fears and doubts – recognizing them and accepting that they are there.  Can you set these fears and doubts aside?  Can you hand them to us so that you can step off and begin to fly?  Hand them to us now.


And what do you need to feel safe before you take off?  Tell us what you need.  You can have magnificent wings that will carry you high above the clouds.  You can have a parachute or a net to catch you.  Tell us what you need and we will give it to you.


Take each thing that you need and tell us if you are ready to step off and begin to fly.  We will stay with you.  We will hold your hand.


When you are ready, we shall move to the edge of the precipice.  Stepping closer to the edge.  Allow us to take your hand and bring along anyone else who gives you confidence and support.  At the count of three, we – together – will step off and  –  up –  to begin to fly.


READY — One —–  Two —— and —- Three ….


Feel yourself stepping forward and as we take your hand – feel yourself lifting up and off the precipice.  Slowly at first, we begin to lift.  You can feel the movement of the air.  Feel it moving through your hair, rustling your clothing.  Allow yourself to feel the magnificence of this freedom – to feel the magnificence of your ability to fly and to move higher and higher.


Together we begin to lift – rising slowly and then faster and faster.  When you are ready you can let go of our hand and begin to fly on your own.   Lift higher now.  Feel the freedom.  Feel the magnificence of this experience.  You are truly flying now – you are beginning to soar.  Isn’t it grand!!  Let yourself SOAR now.  Feel the exuberance of flying faster and faster.  Perhaps you see hawks or eagles flying with you.  Feel the wind through your air, across your face.  Hear the movement of the air as you soar up and down and around.  You’ve done it!  You are soaring now.  Feel the experience, the joy of it.  Feel how exhilarating it is to be totally free – to be all that you are and more. . . .


Now, notice that brightest of futures that you saw before as you stood on the precipice.  Begin to adjust your movement and head toward this bright cloud, this bright light of a magnificent future.  Now, notice the brightest of futures that you saw before as you stood on the precipice.  Begin to adjust your movement and head toward this bright cloud, bright light of a magnificent future.  Let yourself move right into the light until you find yourself inside this future.  Set yourself down so you feel you are standing on firm ground inside of it.


Notice what is here.  What kind of feelings do you have?  Let whatever is there be there.  You may experience or see some detail, but may just experience sensations or feelings.  Feel the brightness here – the magic –  the wonder.  Feel the power that you have.  Notice all that this future is holding for you and how it feels to be here.  Allow yourself to experience the success that you have here.  Feel it throughout your body.  Just feel the wonder and let that resonate in you so you can take it back with you.  Notice the opportunities and how you respond.  As you stand here in this magnificent future – one of many potential futures you see – allow the feelings of success and joy, of wonder and magic resonate in your physical body.   Notice where you feel it in your body and anchor it there.  Touch you heart, your throat to set the anchor of these feelings.


Now allow yourself to return back to your precipice, holding the resonance of these feelings.  And from the precipice, allow yourself to magically appear in your place of safety – still resonating on the positive feelings of the experience.  Now, allow yourself to move back into your room where you are now sitting.  Not yet opening your eyes, but bringing the experience of this future into your present space.  Feel it here – still holding and resonating with it.


In a few moments, we will begin to count you back.  In a few moments we will begin counting from 1 to 5, bringing you back into your present reality but holding the resonance of the future you touched.  Let yourself become more aware now of the sounds around you – of the chair or seat beneath you.


Starting to return now – coming back with each number ONE – remembering all you need to remember.


TWO – coming back into the room now with the power and resonance of this magnificent future


THREE – starting to move now.


FOUR – Coming back –  fully awake and alert and


FIVE – Open your eyes and come back.  Feel the resonance of the experience of the future.


You have now allowed yourself to soar and to tap into one of your most positive futures.  Each time you repeat this meditation, you can reinforce the resonance of soaring and your connection with this future.  Each time you repeat this meditation, you can move farther and farther into the future anchoring the positive experiences.  As you do this, you can allow the future to draw you right into it.  Like a fisherman who has hooked a fish, so you have “hooked” a future that will pull you right to it.


Air Incense

Air is the other masculine element and it is usually associated with
Areas governed by this element are education, communication, weather
magic, general power raising, and music magic. The following
combination makes a basic air incense:
4 parts rosemary 2 parts mugwort 1 part chicory 1/2 part coffee beans
Other air-related herbs and plants include benzoin, elm bark,
lavender, parsley, sage, spearmint

Basil Parmesan Cheese Spread


1 cup chopped fresh spinach

1 cup chopped fresh basil

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1/4 cup olive oil

1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened

1 (4 ounce) package feta cheese, crumbled

2 tablespoons sun-dried tomato paste

Blend the spinach, basil and garlic in a food processor. Gradually mix in the olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Process until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste. Blend cream cheese and feta cheese in a medium bowl. Line a separate medium bowl with plastic wrap. Spread 1/2 the cream cheese mixture in the bowl. Top with sun-dried tomato paste and the spinach mixture. Cover with remaining cream cheese mixture. Pat together, cover and chill in the refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving.Flip out of the plastic lined bowl onto a medium serving dish
YIELD: 10-12 Servings
Categories: Appetizers

Anti-Aging Cream recipe

1 ounce glycerin
1 ounce witch hazel
1/2 ounce rose water
3 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons wheat germ oil
Combine ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl and gently whisk until they are thoroughly combined. Store the emulsion in a tightly sealed container at room temperature. It should last for at least 1 month.
Massage the solution into the skin around your eyes and mouth, using a circular and upward motion. This motion will counteract the natural droop of gravity. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to hang your head over the edge of the bed and massage the cream in while you’re partially upside down.

Create a leaf-laden pot for Spring

Spring will be here shortly you can begin to get ready by decorating your terra cotta pots.

Items needed for this project:


terra-cotta pot and base

gold enamel spray paint

Rubber cement

Desired colors of spray paint

Choose leaves with interesting shapes that will fit onto the terra-cotta pot. If you need to flatten them place under a heavy book. (This time of year I’m assuming you already have a stash of dried leaves and flowers already flattened.)

Wash and dry your flower pot and base. Spray two light even coats of gold spray enamel on the outside and inside of the pot and the base. Let dry completely.

Brush the rubber cement on one side of the leaves. Let it dry. Brush on a second coat. Let it dry to a tacky, but not wet, stage. Position your leaves onto the pot to create desired pattern.

Spray a light coat of the desired paint color over the entire pot. Spray a second light coat if necessary and let dry completely.

Now peel off the leaves, rubbing off any remaining rubber cement from the pot.

Hearth and Home Blessing


     A home blessing meditation for charging a room:
     o    Sit Straight with palms on lap, take deep breaths, relax,
          and move into a mental space where you activate your
          intuitive senses,
     o    Imagine a cord of energy from your spine connecting you to
          the Earth, and channel energy from the Earth through it,
     o    Silently ask for divine protection, guidance, and blessing,
     o    Direct your psychic sensing outward, and feel lines of
          force coming out of your aura,
     o    Note where the strongest energy is (check out the
          floor,ceiling, directions, etc), Note spots that feel empty
          or dead, note places that feel full alive, focus on where
          you are sitting and how you feel at that particular spot,
     o    Imagine a sphere of light and love energy at your heart,
          feel it pulsing outward with every breath.
     o    Feel the radiance increase with every breath, feel your self
          as a star, continue to breathe deeply and send out the
          energy, letting it pulsate in the room,
     o    When ready, start making power sounds representing the love
          and light you are channeling; use it to amplify the light
          you are weaving; and fill the room with the energy,
     o    Then shift focus to sending a probe out into the room, and
          note the differences in the quality of energy and how you feel
          about it,
     oRepeat if necessary,
     oWhen done, feel the completeness of the work.

     A room blessing involving elemental quarter invocations:
     oFace each direction (with arms out in appropriate elemental
     invoking gesture), and say, while channeling and visualizing
     elemental power:
     –    Powers of (say direction),
     –    Powers of (say corresponding element),
     –    We great you, we honor you, we welcome you here!
     –    Watch over and bless and protect this place.
     oAfter each invocation, shape the energy into columns of light
     by sweeping ones arms together until they are parallel and
     sweeping them up and down while channeling and shaping the
     oWhen the energy is properly shaped, say so “mote it be.”

     oAfter you have done all four quarters, channel in spirit

     To return the energy to a more mellow state while energizing
     yourself, put your hands out and take in a bit of the energy into
     your self from each direction, going widdershins, hold hands to
     your heart and take in the energy (techniques also exist for
     bringing it into a stone and retrieving it when needed).

     The above was taught by Selena Fox at Esotericon V, in January

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