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Tips for Meditation

Just as in any new activity we are learning, it takes time to develop
the habits and strength needed to grow in our new endeavor. The same is
true with the art of meditation.

With meditation, we are learning to still our body, shut out the world,
and still the mind. These are new exercises, and it takes time to
develop new habits.

Here are some tips for your meditation practice.

Try to meditate at the same time each day. Early in the morning after
you have rested is best before you begin the day.

Find a spot and sit in the same place every time you meditate. Make this
a sacred place, a place of prayer.

Meditate when you are wide-awake and do not meditate on a full stomach
as this may cause you to be sleepy.

Set a spiritual atmosphere before meditation by reading from the
scriptures, singing a spiritual song, saying a prayer or poem. Try to
put yourself in the mood of devotion and longing for God/Goddess.

Sit with all humility knowing that it is God/Goddess’s will to bless you
with divine experiences.

Start with shorter sittings and build to a half hour, an hour, and
eventually two or more hours.

Leading an ethical life creates the conditions conducive to meditation.

The number one helping factor in developing one’s spiritual practices is
the guidance of a living, spiritual Master, one who has completed the
course of meditation and who is competent to give direction along the


By Herbalist Mary Satchell

Tinctures are more powerful and last longer than dried herbs.
It is much cheaper than buying ready made herbal products. You can make
about a quart of your own tincture for the price of a few ounces of tincture
at retail stores.
You can control the quality of the product you are making by starting with
herbs you collect yourself or purchase through a reputable source. You are
also ensured of the purity of the final product.
You can make special combination formulas.
There is something to be said about getting involved in your own health.
Some herbalists say that you benefit by absorbing some of the herb through
the skin and from the aroma.


Dried or fresh herbs in powdered or cut form.
80 -100 proof vodka or rum (NEVER use rubbing, isopropyl or wood alcohol).
Wide-mouthed glass jars with lids (mason jar or equivalent).
Unbleached cheesecloth or muslin.
Labels and markers.

You should plan to start your tinctures on the day of the new moon and let
them sit at least 2 weeks until the full moon – this adds a natural drawing
Pour the amount of herb you desire into the glass jar and slowly pour the
alcohol until the herbs are entirely covered. Then add an inch or two of
additional liquid.
Seal the jar tightly so that the liquid cannot leak or evaporate. Put the
jar in a dark area or inside a paper bag.
Shake the jar every day.
When ready to bottle, pour the tincture through a cheesecloth into another
jar or dark colored tincture bottle. Squeeze the saturated herbs, extracting
the remaining liquid until no more drips appear.
Close the storage container with a stopper or cap and label.

200 grams dried or 300 grams of fresh herbs (chopped) to one liter of liquid
is needed.
Rum helps hide the taste of bitter herbs.
Distilled water, vinegar or glycerol can be used to make nonalcoholic
Standard dosage is 1 teaspoon, 1-3 times daily, diluted in tea, juice or
Tinctures can last up to two years when stored in a tightly closed
A wine press or juicer may be used to extract liquid from the herbs.
Several herbs can be combined into a tincture formula.
Experiment and have fun!


Making your own applesauce is very easy and you don’t have to
worry about all the added “stuff” that the kind contains at the
grocery store.

Using 4 good-sized apples, any kind but Red Delicious works well;
peel, cut into fourths and core. Cook in microwave with 2
tablespoons water for 8 minutes, until soft but not mushy. Blend
until smooth in blender or food processor. Mix processed
applesauce with 1/3 cup of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of ground
cinnamon. Keep in refrigerator. Makes about 3 cups. Freezes well.



Botanical: Sanguinaria Candensis (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Papaveraceae
—Synonyms—Indian Paint. Tetterwort. Red Pucoon. Red Root. Paucon. Coon Root. Snakebite. Sweet Slumber.
—Parts Used—Root, whole plant.
—Habitat—United States of America and Canada, found in rich open woods from Canada, south to Florida and west to Arkansas. and Nebraska.

—Description—A perennial plant, one of the earliest and most beautiful spring flowers. In England it will grow freely if cultivated carefully, it has even grown in the open in gravelly dry soil in the author’s garden. It has a lovely white flower and produces only a single leaf and a flowering scape about 6 inches high. When the leaf first appears it is wrapped round the flower bud and is a greyish-green colour covered with a downy bloom – Leaves palmate five to nine lobed, 6 to 10 inches long. After flowering the leaves increase in size, the underside paler showing prominent veins. The white flower is wax-like with golden stamens. The seed is an oblong narrow pod about 1 inch long. The rootstock is thick, round and fleshy, slightly curved at ends, and contains an orange-red juice, and is about 1 to 4 inches long, with orange-red rootlets. When dried it breaks with a short sharp fracture, little smell, taste bitter acrid and persistent, powdered root causes sneezing and irritation of the nose. The root is collected in the autumn, after leaves die down; it must be stored in a dry place or it quickly deteriorates.
—Constituents—Alkaloids Sanguinarine, Chelerythrine, Protopine and B. homochelidonine; Sanguinarine forms colourless crystals. Chelerythrine is also colourless and crystalline. Protopine (also found in opium) is one of the most widely diffused of the opium alkaloids. The rhizome also contains red resin and an abundance of starch.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Emetic cathartic expectorant and emmenagogue, and of great value in atonic dyspepsia, asthma, bronchitis and croup. (The taste is so nauseating, that it may cause expectorant action.) Of value in pulmonary consumption, nervous irritation and helpful in lowering high pulse, and in heart disease and weakness and palpitation of heart of great use. For ringworm apply the fluid extract. Also good for torpid liver, scrofula, dysentery. It is applied to fungoid growths, ulcers fleshy excrescences, cancerous affections and as an escharotic. Sanguinaria root is chiefly used as an expectorant for chronic bronchitis and as a local application in chronic eczema, specially when secondary to varicose ulcers. In toxic doses, it causes burning in the stomach, intense thirst, vomiting, faintness vertigo, intense prostration with dimness of eyesight.

The root has long been used by the American Indians as a dye for their bodies and clothes and has been used successfully by American and French dyers.

—Preparations and Dosages—Fluid extract of Sanguinaria, U.S.P., dose 1 1/2 minims. Tincture of Sanguinaria, U.S.P., 15 minims. Powdered root, 10 to 30 grains. Sanguinarin, 1/4 to 1 grain. Fluid extract, 10 to 30 drops .


Suggested Mantra: Determination
Pallas is both the Warrior Woman and the Peaceful General. She is the
embodiment of strength and wisdom. Pallas lets us find our inner courage
to know we can and will survive life’s battles.

Suggested Affirmations:
*I am letting go
*My mind is at peace
*I am healthy and happy
*I understand self-respect
*I feel absolutely supercharged
*I am ready to face my fears
*I am ready to empower myself

Related Essences: Patchouli, sandalwood, geranium, lavender.

Related Gemstones: Moonstone, lapis lazuli, dark aquamarine, tiger eye.

Pallas ( aka Pallas Athene ) is the goddess of wisdom and protector of
the city of Athens. She wore a suit of armour in preparation for battle
when necessary.

As favourite daughter of Zeus, she was dutiful but strong-willed, making
decisions according to her own instinct rather than following her
father’s advice blindly. Even so, the dark side of Pallas has
implications for women in incestuous or abusive relationships.

The good news for such women, is that Pallas is a survivor. Let go of
the victim mindset you may be experiencing, and prepare to fight for
your self-esteem. You may be presenting a strong and courageous face to
the world, but really you’re drawing on your strength rather
than devoting time to explore your weaknesses. It is only in
understanding your weaknesses that you will derive the strength you need
to empower them, thereby empowering yourself. Use diplomacy, respect and
resilience to negotiate your way.

Conflict will only serve to keep you off-balance, on your back foot
representing defensive position. Pallas calls on you to stand on your
front foot, braced for obstacles with self-confidence and grace.

Surmounting your troubles in this position will attract like-minded
people – say good-bye to negative influences as your life becomes full
of positive and affirmative people living life with intention.

A Prayer for Healing

Divine Universe I ask for help in healing the dis-ease within my life. Please let your divine energy penetrate the cells of my body, mind and spirit to rid the negative from my being. Allow your grace to destroy the harmful (germs, cells, virus) and provide strength to body to fight this ailment and repair my body to full health. Amen.(You can be as specific as you need or want to be. If you’re fighting heart disease, then use your imagination to see an emerald green light coming from the Divine Universe, entering your body and attacking the cholesterol, or whatever specific disease maybe affecting your heart. See that same light repairing your veins, your heart muscles and restoring you to good health. You can use this type of visualization with this prayer to attack cancer cells watching them dissolve in the Divine energy and allowing the green light to repair your body where the cancer existed.)


Balancing Bath

2 drops Rose oil
2 drops Neroli oil
2 drops Geranium oil

Creating a Moon Altar and Goddess Box

In a household space that will not be disturbed, place pictures of family members, pets, and friends.  Place three white or clear stones or marbles in the bottom of a clear glass vase.  Collect white flowers from your yard or garden, or purchase some at a floral shop.  Place the flowers in the vase with water, and add a little sugar and salt.  Add a small wooden box, preferably made from white oak or pine.  Write down anything that is bothering you and place the paper in the box.  Ask the Goddess to take care of the situation for you, and stop worrying about it.  Be sure to remove any wilted flowers immediately, and replace them with fresh flowers.  As your problems are resolved, remove them from the box.  Thank the Goddess for her help.  Bury or burn the paper outside.
~~~Therese Francis; Llewellyn’s 2004 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac

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