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21 Days of Yule


Time to renew myself and my family. As the days are starting to become more hectic balancing time..and spiritualism. I’ve found myself disconnect from the things that matter most MYSELF.. lol No but yes at the same time. I think it is time to reconnect with not only my faith but start including my perspective with my children. Right now I’m trying to figure out what will be the craft project that will spring forth all my family and friends Christmas gifts. I have a complicated list this year. With a new boyfriend that comes with new boyfriends’ parents and new boyfriends’ siblings as well as new boyfriends’ nieces and nephews. I also have grown closer to some old friends and apart from others. Don’t forget old boyfriends’ parents and siblings, as well as immediate family. My children are older this year and by older we have 5 and 1. So the 5 year old can participate more in the creation of gifts while the 1 year old will need to be sedated and keep away from all glitter and glue. I have decided that this year my children and I will start a new tradition 21 days of Yule. Each day we will create something small, either a small treat, a decoration, and even the beginning of gifts for our loved ones. So please come celebrate 21 days of Yule with me. We will be starting our journey December 1st.

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Yule, (pronounced EWE-elle) is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day.

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13 Oak Tree Meditation

13 Oak trees formed in a ring…used long ago by ancestors unknown.

Still functioning today with the never ending cycles of spring growth,

the re-oxygenation of the atmosphere in the Summer sun and the Autumn

time of letting go for renewal as the leaves fall back to Mother Earth.

Re-discovered once more, this sacred grove of 13 trees…heaven on

earth, a blissful place to meditate in spiritual attunement with the


Enter forth…..

Inside the 13-tree oak ring is a central ring of fallen oak

logs…please be seated on the log ring…for all is calm.

Blessed be…

As you are seated you close your eyes as your mind drifts far away from

the man-made modern chemical world.

You are now back with the rhythm of nature.  Hearing only sounds from

nature�s world.  The birds are singing in harmony…the leaves and

branches swaying too and fro with the motion of the wind.

In to your thoughts come peace and the love of the universe as all anger

and hatred fade away…fade away into the void.

Embracing this peace with full acceptance you take a breath, a little

bigger than your usual breathing, as you exhale all life�s negative

thoughts evaporate into the atmosphere.

With each new inhalation brings forth-spiritual energy with

strengthening of spirit and growth in your soul.

Your mind is with the trees, the trees are with your mind, for they are

one, you have connected.

Just the swaying sounds of the trees as they motion too and fro…too

and fro.  Time is still, pain has gone.

Magnificent fields of understanding unfold in your mind as you are

surrounded by the wisdom of the 13-oak tree ring.

The grove has called…you answered, a soulful blessing and a spiritual

communion has taken place.

You have 2 tanks, one completely empty tank, and one full to the brim


In the empty tank were anger, bitterness, hatred, frustration,

intolerance, and impatience with all bad things.

In your full tank you have Love, joy, friendship, acceptance, wisdom,

peace, and renewed spirit to carry on in a turbulent world.

Your legs feel very relaxed, almost sleepy, this is the flow of the

earth�s positive energy into the soles of your feet, like drawing

on a well, but this being a spiritual well.

You open your eyes and thank the trees for sharing their ancient wisdom.

Blessed be Mother Earth.

Alwyn <>

A Calming Scent for Your Home

5 drops Ylang-Ylang oil
10 drops Marjoram oil
20 drops Orange oil
Blend together and put in an aroma lamp or diffuser.
from the archives of The Enchanted Garden

Onion Strings

3 to 4 servings
1 large onion, thinly sliced
1 cup all-purpose flour
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
1 cup vegetable oil
Separate the onion slices into rings. In a medium bowl, combine the flour,
salt, and pepper; mix well.
In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Place the onion
rings in the flour; coat well then carefully place in the hot oil.
Fry for 6 to 8 minutes, until golden. Drain on a paper towel-lined plate and
OPTION: These are yummy as is, but you can sprinkle them with salt before
serving, if you’d like.


Botanical: Theobroma cacao (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Sterculiaceae
—Synonyms—Cocoa. Chocolate Tree.
—Part Used—The seeds.
—Habitat—Topical America. Cultivated in Ceylon. Java. etc.

(Theobroma cacao)  
—Description and History—Cacao was named Theobroma by Linnaeus, the word meaning ‘food of the gods,’ so called from the goodness of its seeds. Mexicans named the pounded seeds ‘Chocolate.’ The tree is handsome, 12 to 16 feet high; trunk about 5 feet long; wood light and white coloured; bark brown; Ieaves lanceolate, bright green, entire; flowers small reddish, almost odourless; fruit yellowy red, smooth; rind fleshcoloured; pulp white; when seeds are ripe they rattle in the capsule when shaken; each capsule contains about twenty-five seeds; if separated from the capsule they soon become infertile, but if kept therein they retain their fertility for a long time. The tree bears its leaves, flowers and fruit (like the orange tree) all the year round, but the usual season for gathering the fruit is June and December. In Mexico during the time of the Aztec kings the small seeds were utilized as coins twelve approximating to the value of 1d., the smallest actual coin in use then being worth about 6d. The seeds were necessary for small transactions. The method is still in use in some parts of Mexico. The tree is generally cultivated on large estates under the shade of other trees, such as the banana and develops the pods continuously. When ripe they are cut open and the beans or nuts surrounded by their sweetish acid pulp are allowed to ferment so that they may be more easily separated from the shell. The beans are then usually dried in the sun, though sometimes in a steam drying shed.
—Constituents—The seeds contain about 2 per cent. of theobromine and 40 to 60 per cent of solid fat. The shells contain about 1 per cent of theobromine, together with mucilage, etc.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Cocoa is prepared by grinding the beans into a paste between hot rollers and mixing it with sugar and starch, part of the fat being removed. Chocolate is prepared in much the same way, but the fat is retained. Oil of Theobroma or cacao butter is a yellowish white solid, with an odour resembling that of cocoa, taste bland and agreeable; generally extracted by expression. It is used as an ingredient in cosmetic ointments and in pharmacy for coating pills and preparing suppositories. It has excellent emollient properties and is used to soften and protect chapped hands and lips. Theobromine, the alkaloid contained in the beans, resembles caffeine in its action, but its effect on the central nervous system is less powerful. Its action on muscle, the kidneys and the heart is more pronounced. It is used principally for its diuretic effect due to stimulation of the renal epithelium; it is especially useful when there is an accumulation of fluid in the body resulting from cardiac failure, when it is often given with digitalis to relieve dilatation. It is also employed in high blood pressure as it dilates the blood-vessels. It is best administered in powders or cachets.

—Dosage—Theobromine, 5 to 10 grains.

Shina Tsu Hime

Themes: Wishes, freedom, playfulness, air element & movement
Symbols: Wind & sailing ships
About Shina Tsu Hime: This Japanese wind Goddess disperses the morning
fog.  She also keeps away evil, distracting winds, winds that threaten
to uproot or blur our spiritual focus.  Because of this, Shina Tsu
Hime has become the patroness of sailors and farmers, the latter of whom
pray to her for fertile winds bearing seed and rain.
To Do Today: Join our Eastern cousins in kite-flying
festivities. Shina Tsu Hime will be glad to meet with you in a nearby
park and give life to your kite. As it flies, release a wish on the
winds. Or cut the kite free and liberate a weight from your shoulders.
While you’re out, gather up nine leaves that Shina Tsu Hime banters
about ( one for each remaining month ). Turn clockwise in a circle,
releasing all but one leaf back to Shina Tsu Hime’s care while saying,
“Come May, bring movement in my goals,
come June–playful love makes me whole.
Come July, my wishes will I see,
come August–hope grows in me.
Come September, all distractions you abate;
come October, my spirit, you liberate.
Come November, my health is assured;
come December–in my heart you endure.”
Keep the last leaf with you, releasing it only when you need one of this
Goddess’s attributes to manifest quickly.

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Affirmations

There is a small black bee, which is my mind.
There is a blue lotus flower, which is the Goddess.
Watch the bee fly straight into the flower!
The goddess’ feet are black, just like the bee.
Black is joined to black! Mind to greater mind!
The bee finds tasteless any other flower.
This much I can apprehend. But here my senses
fail. I can see nothing more. She is such a mystery!
Thinking of her, I dive into the sea of bliss!
~ Indian Poet Ramakrishna, To The Goddess Kali
It is not possible for the human mind to rationally comprehend the
greatness of the Divine. There is  only one way to experience that
greatness: through mystic union, which transcends reason and logic.
Seeking to think one’s way to the goddess is like trying to walk to the
moon. It cannot be done. But we can teach her nonetheless, transported
by our inner wisdom. We reach her through direct experience, through
living fully and passionately, more readily than just by thinking about
This does not mean we cannot engage in rational and logical discussion
of goddess traditions and rituals. But that will never be the same as
the bliss of communion with her, which sages throughout history have
experienced and have praised as one of humanity’s greatest gifts.

from The Goddess Companion – Daily Affirmations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

Invigorating Bath 1

4 gallons water
½ cup rosemary
½ cup calendula
½ cup yarrow leaf
and flower

How to make a dream pillow

By DJ Conway

Every ordinary person dreams when they sleep. Scientists have
discovered that if we do not dream, because of the use of drugs or
sleep-deprivation for example, we can become disoriented, distracted,
and even nearly schizophrenic during our waking time. Dreaming appears
to be essential to a healthy mind.

Making dream pillows for specific purposes is an excellent way to make
your subconscious mind work with you on problem-solving, prophecy, etc.
Dream pillows will also help when you are troubled by nightmares.

Traditionally, certain herbs and oils are used for specific purposes.
The following lists of herbs and oils will help you decide which you
want in your personal dream pillow. Do NOT ingest herbs and oils!

Oils~Bergamot: (not the mint kind!) soothes the nerves, gives relaxing
Hyacinth: stops nightmares.
Jasmine: helps increase psychic dreams, lifts depression, quiets the
nerves; is calming.
Lavendar: relaxing deep sleep.
Lilac: recalling past lives.
Mimosa: prophetic dreams; getting to the truth; making decisions.

Herbs~Angelica : prophetic dreams and visions.

Anise: use just a little to repel nightmares.
Bay Laurel: inspiration; repels negativity.
Cedar: helps to repel bad dreams.
Cloves: use just a tiny amount because of the strong odor. Retrieving
buried memories.
Hops: restful sleep and healing.
Marjoram: relieves depression.
Mugwort: visions and prophetic dreams.
Mullein: repels bad dreams.
Rosemary: use just a little as it is very strongly scented. Avoid
nightmares and headaches.
St. Johns Wort: banishes spirits.
Valerian: deep rest. Some cats love this herb as much as catnip so keep
it out of their reach!

The supplies you will need to create a dream pillow are: a piece of
plain or muslin cloth; a piece of fancy cloth or of a material you can
decorate; your choice of herbs and oils; an eye-dropper; wooden or glass
bowl; wooden spoon. It is never good to mix herbs and oils with or in
anything metal!

Before beginning the dream pillow, decide what you will be using it
for: to repel bad dreams, strengthen your prophetic abilities, rest and
healing, etc. Choose your herbs and oils according to the pillow’s use.

To Make A Dream Pillow~Cut out two pieces of muslin or plain cloth to
hold the herbs. These pieces of muslin should each be 12″ by 8″. With
the wrong sides of the material (if there are any) together, stitch down
the 8 inch side to the depth of 3/4″; stitch the same depth across one
12″ end and across the other 8″ side. Three sides of the fabric should
be sew. Turn this little bag inside out so the seams are now on the
inside. This is the “inner pillow” in which you will put your herbal

Using fancier material, or a cloth you can paint or embroider, cut two
more pieces of material 12 inches by 8 inches. Stitch them the same as
the “inner pillow” except sew only to a depth of 3/8 inch. As with the
inner pillow, turn it so the seams are on the inside. If you wish
embroider it in any design or decorate it with fabric paints. If you
plan to make this cover removable for washing, turn down a small hem on
the open end and attach small Velcro disks or snaps to keep it closed.

In a large wooden or glass bowl, mix together the herbs you have chosen
with a wooden spoon. This is done gently, rather Iike tossing a salad.
With the eye-dropper, add the chosen oils to the herbs. Use no more than
a total of 5-6 drops at a time until you reach a strength to your taste.
Remember, what smells nice standing over the bowl may well be too strong
when you sleep on the pillow, so use restraint.

Fill your “inner pillow” with the herbal mixture. Don’t pack it full or
it will be uncomfortable to sleep on. Leave it a little flat. Turn in a
little of the open end so the raw edges are inside, then sew this end
shut. Slide this inside your decorated cover, attach the fasteners, and
you are ready for sweet dreams.

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