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Meditation Techniques

Meditation is one of the basic tenets of Wicca, in order to be effective in magickal work, you will need to learn to enter a state of deep relaxation, a place of calm and balance to align yourself with the natural forces around you. As you learn to still your mind and enter this state of relaxation, you are learning to focus your mind, becoming centred, balanced and calm, you are learning mental discipline. It is here in your inner self that you will meet your Spirit self and your guide through your journey.

To reach a truly meditative state requires a lot of practice, and it is important to be patient and take your time. By using a meditation device repeatedly, such as incense, candles, chanting or drumming, you can condition your mind to enter a meditative state.

Wiccan Basics – Meditation

Just some tips for those starting off…

1. Meditation should be carried out in a quiet room, preferably with some object for a focus point. Try using a pentagram for starters…being a Witch an all that!

2. Sit comfortably (you might be there for a while), in a chair or on the floor. The body should be completely relaxed with the head in a straight line with the spine.

3. Once you have achieved 1 & 2, and not before, the mind should be quietened and if possible stilled. An invocation to the elements should be performed before any meditation commences.

4. Breathing should be slowed down and lengthened, do not strain to keep to long or deep a breath. Slowly find a rhythm. Length and depth of breath will come with practice.

5. As the breath is taken, visualise an energy ( most visualise it as bright white light ) filling you, from the feet upward, as you exhale send it up through your head and then filling your magickal space ( most people create a dome above & around them with this energy).

6. Now look at the pentagram, relax, open your mind, see what comes into it, and think of the following things:

The uppermost point of the pentagram represents human awareness.
The lowermost points represent the four elements.
The continuous line is the energy of life itself unifying and connecting all things.
The pentagram symbolises our basic human instinct to be in harmony with the forces of nature.

Visualise yourself on the top point of the pentagram, connected to all the elements. Now spend a little time thinking about each element in turn.

As you continue to visualise yourself at the top of the pentagram, connected to the elements, notice that the real you, is greater than the sum of its parts…

You feel (Water)
You think (Air)
You respond, to the challenges of life (Fire)
You take responsibility, for yourself (Earth)

7. On starting of the visualisation there may be a feeling of descending or ascending. Just carry on.

8. On the termination of this feeling, you should have either some spiritual truth, if you have meditated without seed (the seed, being in this case the pentagram), or the answers to your questions of the seed (the pentagram).

9. This meditation may lead to astral projection and take you out of your body. If this should happen, try not to travel to far in these early stages.

10. Immediately the meditation becomes blank and its obvious there is no more information, it is time to return.

11. If astral traveling, immediately the vision becomes blurred, return to the body.

12. When returning, unless it is an emergency, return slowly. A quick return can harm.

13. Once safely back, take note of all you have seen, and conclude with thanks to the elements, each in turn.

Spiritual wisdom gained should be returned or used, for the benefit of humankind. This is my point of view anyway.

Remember those of you that are just starting, not to expect immediate results, practice WILL, make it as easy as………..erm, easypeasy.

Table of Correspondences

white, light blue, black (to reach the deepest levels)
aventurine, amethyst, sapphire
bodh tree, cannabis
frankincense or myrrh


1/2 cup Juniper berries,
whole 1/2 cup Basil,
whole 2 TBS Frankincense,
ground 2 TBS Dill seeds 2 TBS Cloves,
whole 8 Bay leaves, torn into pieces

Roasted Fennel and Apple

2 bulbs fennel, trimmed and cut into 1/4-inch-thick wedges
2 Rome apples (about 1 1/2 pounds), cut into 1-inch wedges
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon honey
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon fresh-ground pepper

Roast the vegetables: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place all ingredients in
a large bowl and toss to combine. Arrange in a single layer on a baking
sheet and place in the lower third of the oven. Roast for 20 minutes, turn
fennel and apple pieces over, and roast until golden and cooked
through-about 20 more minutes. Serve warm. Makes 8 servings.

Candytuft, Bitter

Botanical: Iberis amara
Family: N.O. Cruciferae
—Parts Used—Leaves, stem, root, seeds.
—Habitat—Found in various parts of Europe and in English and Scotch cornfields, specially in limestone districts.

—Description—This plant is an erect, rather stiff, very bitter annual, 6 to 12 inches high; flowers milky white, forming a terminal flat corymb; leaves oblong, lanceolate, acute, toothed; pod nearly orbicular, the long style projecting from notch at top; it flowers with the corns.
—Medicinal Action and Uses—A tincture made from the ripe seeds is much used in homoeopathy, but the plant is more generally used by American herbalists. All parts of the plant are used, leaves, stem, root and seeds, more particularly the latter. It has always been used for gout, rheumatism and kindred ailments, and is now usually combined with other plants for the same diseases in their acute form, and as a simple to allay excited action of the heart, especially when it is enlarged. For asthma, bronchitis and dropsy it is considered very useful.

—Dosage—1 to 3 grains of the powdered seeds. In overdoses or too large ones it is said to produce giddiness, nausea and diarrhoea.

The Narucnici

Themes: Psychic abilities, spirituality, destiny, divination.
Symbols: An eye, all symbols of fate or destiny.
About the Narucnici: In Slavic regions these are goddesses of fate who
see each child’s destiny at birth. At times they can be propitiated
through prayers to alter one’s destiny, especially when it’s running
headlong into disaster.
To Do Today: In 1831, the acclaimed mystic Helena Blavatsky was born
under the watchful eye of the Narucnici, who must have predicted an
impressive life for her. Helena grew up to establish the Theosophical
Society, whose goal is to explore mystical phenomena, to better
understand it and to expose fraudulent dealings. To remember this
remarkable woman and honour the Narucnici, focus on your own inherent
magickal potential. All of us have the Goddess’s prophetic ability
within; it’s just a matter of activating that talent. One exercise that
seems to help people is meditating on opening the chakra located in the
middle of your forehead ( the third eye ). Close your physical eyes and
visualize a purple-silver light pouring into your forehead from above.
See it swirling clockwise, forming the image of an eye. Allow this eye
to open very slowly. Do you feel different as it opens? Can you sense
things on the edge of your awareness you couldn’t before? After the
exercise, try your favorite divinatory tool and examine what new
insights it offers now that you’ve cleared the path for that foresight a

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation

Brighid of the oracles,
Brighid of the twisted hairs,
Brighid, friend to woman,
Brighid of the fire.
Brighid of the fire’s fuel,
Brighid of the cloak,
Brighid of the tender hands,
Brigid of the oak.
~ Irish Invocation To The Fire Goddess
This is the eve of one of the great fire festivals, one shared with
other Celtic peoples in Britain and on the continent. The midsummer
feast of Lammas ( originally Lughnassa ) celebrated the harvest. It was
a time of fairs and athletic contests, of marriages and other ritual
unions. On this evening, for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years,
Celtic people would have been gathering at such ritual sites as the hill
of Tara, seeing again old friends and making new ones, sharing stories
and food and drink around evening fires as they affirmed their bonds of
love and friendship. Clans, gathered from far and wide, would reconnect
with each other, measuring the growth of the children and the increasing
depth of an elder’s wrinkles.
Although such great festivals no longer bind us to friends and family,
we can learn from our forebears that such a connection is necessary to a
whole and happy life. Creating rituals of our own that affirm the ties
that sustain us must be an ongoing part of our lives.

from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditation on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

Witch Vow

by Leo Matrello

Here me, help me, Holy One,

My witch life has just begun.

I dedicate myself to thee,

My faith shall be fierce and free.

Make me worthy, make me wise,

Liberate me from all lies.

Guide me in thy Goddess light,

Illuminate each dark night.

I light the candle, I taste the wine,

I purify the air with incense fine.

I make the pentagram with my knife,

I declare my witchhood with my life.

I offer myself in naked truth,

Grant me wisdom and the joy of youth.

Upon thy altar my soul is bare,

I leave myself in thy loving care.

Glow of Beauty Potion #1

Ingredients: Some Buttercups
Chopped Cucumber,
Mix these ingredients in the muslin bag and tie it securely. Let this
bag boil for about 10 minutes. Remove the muslin bag and pour the
decoction into a warm bath. Relax and enjoy letting all tensions melt
away. Ask Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, to bless you with the great
beauty She can bestow. You will find your skin is smooth and

Birch Yule Wreath

Materials needed

birch twigs

spool wire

paint as desired

glitter as desired

tiny lights (optional)

This craft uses a whorl of birch twigs dipped in paint and sprinkled with glitter.

To shape the twigs into a ring, cut stems to 3 inches long and bind in groups of birch twigs to one another with spool wire. Bent the twigs into a circle as your work until your ring is complete. You can add tiny lights at the back of the wreath to make it sparkle, simply hide the cord. This makes a nice wreath without the lights for the front of your door.

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