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Prayer for Release from Addiction

by Abby Willowroot © 2008
Addiction has seized my soul
and I am in pain . . . hollow inside
control of myself and my life is gone
but, I pretend  that I am still in control
fear and rage mingle inside me,
pushing anyone who loves me away
isolating me in my prison of drugs
a prison of regret, shame and grief
I live in the past  . . . and I live in the future
right now is a nightmare . . . and I can’t wake up
Release me from my own addiction
open my heart to hope and life
open my eyes to see I can escape into recovery
make me dare to be willing . . . to let go of drugs
to let go of fear . . . self hatred  . . .and shame
help me let go of hopelessness
help me let go of people who drag me down
I want to leave people who use drugs behind
help me recognize those who really love me
and cling to them for dear life . . . for my life
help me to know that I can have a different life
a happy life . . . a dope free life . . . with hope

Today I will sleep . . . as much as I need to
today I will eat . . . and nurture my body
today I will wash my body, and hair
today I will brush my teeth and get dressed
today, I will do one thing , that is  . . .”normal”

I will fight to trust myself . . . to be able to do
these simple things to help myself
and begin my return to sanity
A different life . . . worth living, is waiting for me
life is . . . waiting for me to put down the drugs
life is . . . waiting for me to believe I can change
life is . . . waiting for me to allow myself to win,
life is . . . ready to help me to allow myself to smile, to feel hope,
I want this life . . .  I will have to fight like hell to get to

I am willing, I am willing, I am willing to win
I am willing to be strong enough . . . to walk away
I am ready to be strong enough . . . to ask for help
I am ready to put down the drugs . . . that are killing me
I want to be free . . . of drugs and delusions

Help me to be willing . . . to change
May my courage grow, and my spirit soar
my heart open . . .  my fears grow weaker
I am ready for a life . . . without drugs

I pray . . . help me to help myself today
awaken me . . . from this nightmare hell
Help my heart to know  . . . that hope is possible
and grow that hope within me . . . now !!!

I am ready . . . I am ready . . . I am ready . . .
to heal my body . . . my mind . . . my spirit . . . my life
drugs are my past . . . they are NOT my future
for today . . . I will not use drugs
today . . . I am becoming whole
today . . . I am becoming my best self
one step at a time . . . one second at a time
one thought at a time . . . one action at a time
I am escaping this loaded nightmare from hell


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