January 2018
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Universal Divine

 ~ Abby Willowroot © 2008
I am better than my own prejudices
my heart is deeper than my own pettyness
my true spirit seeks the balance of harmony
my journey as a human can unite me with all

In our hearts, the eternal divine dwells
I call it by one name of my understanding
you call it by another name
and others call it by other names
the different names do not matter
divine is divine is divine and eternal
It has names beyond counting
each name is true and sacred

We are divided only by our own prejudices
threatened by our own fears of the unlimited
we see the indivisible power of spiritual eternity
and divide it into manageable bits of understanding
leaving the greater truths beyond our feeble grasp
clinging to a few facets of the unlimited divine
and defend our facets as the whole truth
the only truth we dare to see and accept

May my heart be open to understand more
open to celebrate the facets held sacred by others
knowing that their truth is as true as mine
each path and every  path  to the divine is sacred
and deserving of my deepest respect
call it God, Energy or something else
all names of the divine are true
sacred, eternal and magic

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