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The Veelas

Themes: Faeries, nature, healing, wealth, abundance.
Symbols: Sweet bread, sacred faery plants (oak, ash, thorn, foxglove,
etc.), healing herbs.
About the Veelas: These Balkan goddesses preside over the woodlands and
have the power to heal or harm, depending on the circumstances. The
Veelas kindly treat humans who respect them and the Earth, rewarding
them with the knowledge of how to work harmoniously with the land,
which, in turn, creates prosperity and abundance.
To Do Today: In ancient Macedonia, today was a time to appease the
spirits of nature, called Drymiais. We can follow their customs by not
harvesting any plants ( especially vining ones ), and not doing any
cleaning ( especially with water ). If you must do one of these
forbidden activities, carry iron to protect you from mischievous faery
If you live near any oak, ash or thorn trees, leave under it a little
gift of sweet bread for the Veelas. As you do, whisper a short request
to the Veelas for renewed health and permission to gather some herbs
associated with health and healing today.

Afterward, look for an ash or oak leaf or some tansy flowers. These will
act as an amulet for well-being whenever you carry them with you.
For prosperity and abundance and to improve your connection with the
Earth, give the Veelas an offering of honey instead and a bit yourself
to consume the Earth’s sweetness.

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of he
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation

I open the window to the Sun.
I look out at the Goddess.
Ah, my! It is too short,
this life we lead in Her light!
I look at Suale and I see
my mother. Look at them:
both, so beautiful, both
so pale, so very pale.
~ Lithuanian and Latvian Folksongs
In the Baltic lands, the greatest Goddess was the Sun Mother, Saule. And
beside Her, at all times, was Her daughter Saules Meita, the Sun Maiden.
Saules Meita was a lovely young woman whose outer demeanor hid a
tragedy, for she had been raped by her father, the man in the Moon. Her
mother, finding Her weeping, near heaven’s central fountain, went in
pursuit of the Moon man. Slashing his face, she drove him from heaven,
leaving scars still visible on the Moon’s face today. But the damage,
alas, had been done and could not be undone.
Like Saules Meita, there are many among us who have been deeply injured
by those whom they loved. We may not know, from their carriage and
speech and appearance, the depth of their pain. Opening the heart of
compassion to others means learning how little we know of others until
they have revealed themselves to us.

from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

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