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Themes: History, change, spirituality, fertility, birth, creativity.
Symbols: Reptiles, seawater.
About Tiamat: The personification of creative, fertile forces in
Assyro-Babylonian traditions, Tiamat gave birth to the world. She is the
inventive power of chaos, whose ever-changing energy hones the human
soul and creates unending possibilities for its enlightenment. In later
accounts, Tiamat took on the visage of a half-dinosaur or dragonlike
creature, symbolizing the higher and lower self, which must work
together for positive change and harmonious diversity.
To Do Today: Taking place at the Dinosaur National Monument, this
festival celebrates the ancient, mysterious dinosaurs that speak of the
Earth’s long-forgotten past – a past that Tiamat observed and nurtured.
One fun activity to consider for today is getting an archaeology
dinosaur kit at a local science shop and starting to “dig up” the past
for yourself! As you work, meditate on the meaning of Tiamat’s energy in
your life. The more bones you uncover, the more you’ll understand and
integrate her transformative energy.
Carry a fossil in your pocket today to help keep you connected to Tiamat
and her spiritual inventiveness. Or, wash your hands with a little
saltwater so that everything you touch is blesses with Tiamat’s
productive nature and cleansing.

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation

The Goddess Durga unleashed a shower of weapons, and demons by the
hundreds fell down dead. Others fell senseless, deafened by the
ringing of her bell. Some of them she bound with ropes and dragged along
the ground. Some of them she split in half, and some she
bashed with her mace. Some demons vomited blood; others looked like
porcupines, so many arrows filled their
flesh. Arms, legs, hands littered the battlefield. Dead and dying demons
covered the battlefield. Blood ran so thick
the ground was impassable. This was Durga: a forest fire, consuming all
in its path, that was how she dealt with the demon army.
~ Indian Devi Mahatmya
The Goddess is far from being always peaceful and sweet. She has a
fierce side, too, as this passage from Indian epic poetry shows. Durga
came into existence when the world was threatened with destruction from
a demon army. All the gods could not conquer them and it looked as
though the world would indeed be demolished. But the great Goddess
Parvati knit her brow in concern. All her anger consolidated itself
there and from the third eye in the center of her forehead, an armed
figure sprang. This was Durga, who proceeded to destroy the demon army
and to free the world from their pernicious influence.
The feminine principle is shown, in this great myth, as fierce and
unyielding. Like the Greek Athena, the Roman Minerva, the legendary
Amazon warriors and many other fighting Goddesses, Durga shows that
strength and power are not limited to the masculine.
from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

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