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Themes: Sports, tradition, strength, excellence & recreation.
Symbols: Charms for strength or physical well-being.
About Vatiaz: Vatiaz is the Mongolian Goddess of physical prowess. Her
name even means “woman of great strength.”  Now that Summer is fully
underway, we could use some of Vatiaz’s endurance just to keep up!
To Do Today: The Nadam festival began in the 13th Century with Marco
Polo, who reported a gathering of 10,000 white horses with Mongolian
leaders participating in numerous games of skill ranging from archery to
wrestling. Today the tradition continues with sports, focused on
exhibiting excellence and skill, followed by a community party to
celebrate and revel in local customs. If there’s a sports exposition
or game that you enjoy, try to get out to the proverbial “ball park”
today to honour Vatiaz and enjoy her excellence as exhibited through
professional athletes.
For those who are not sports fans, making a Vatiaz charm for strength
and vitality is just as welcome by the Goddess and invokes her ongoing
participation in your life. You’ll need a bay leaf, a pinch of tea,
and a pinch of marjoram ( one herb each for body, mind, and spirit
). Wrap these in a small swatch of cotton, saying,
“Health, strength, and vitality,
Vatiaz, bring them to me!”
Put the swatch in the bottom of your daily-vitamin jar to empower the
vitamins with Vatiaz’s well-being.

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation
The corn is growing.
Water falls from dark clouds, drop, drop.
The rain is falling.
Water falls from corn leaves, drop, drop.
The rain is passing.
Water from corn plants, drop, drop.
The corn is growing.
Water from the dark mists, drop, drop.
Corn is one of the plants that grows, not in the sunlight, but at night.
Some people claim they can hear the swish of the plants as they grow in
the hot darkness of Summer.
We often think of personal growth as taking place in the open: in
classes and workshops, in a therapist’s office, in the company of a
loved one. But, as often, our growth occurs invisible even to us. Within
our own hot darkness, we are maturing, growing, developing into the
people we will someday reveal ourselves to be. Trusting in this inner
process is sometimes difficult because we want visible, tangible
results. But just as the seed must grow beneath the ground, establishing
firm roots to uphold its growth, so our inner growth must be well rooted
and be free to grow in secret, until it is ready to be harvested.
from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

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