February 2018
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White Shell Woman

Themes: Magick, overcoming, spirituality, freedom, hope, success,
protection, joy & dreams
Symbols: Eagle, rattle & white
About White Shell Woman: In Native American tradition, White Shell Woman
came to Earth bearing elemental blankets and the sunshine of protection,
dreams, and renewed hope. When she arrived a rainbow appeared, banishing
sadness with the promise of eventually reuniting humankind with the
gods. Today she renews this promise to us, whispering Her message on
March’s winds and bearing it on the wings of an eagle.
To Do Today: Sometime in Spring, the Pueblos of New Mexico hold an Eagle
Dance to bring rain and ensure the tribe’s success in difficult
situations. The mimelike movements of the dance unite the dancers with
the Eagle spirit, connecting them with the sacred powers. To adapt this
in your own life, grab a feather duster and dance a little of White
Shell Woman’s hope into your heart while you clean up the house!
If you have young children in your life, work with them on a Shell Woman
anti-nightmare blanket or happiness charm. Take four strips of cloth in
elemental colours, or seven in the colours of the rainbow. Sew them
together to form a blanket or portable swatch. Bless the charm, saying,
“Love and joy within each seam brings me only happy dreams;
Shell Woman, shine through the night; keep me safe till down’s first

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation  
On Hildar Hill the goddess sat.
Poets someday will say that
light itself paled beside Her,
casting shadows on the wall.
On Hildar Hill the goddess sat,
radiance streaming from Her.
Poets someday will say that
looking at Her was like staring at fire.
On Hildar Hill the goddess sat,
combing out Her fine hair.
Poets someday will say that
it was as fine-spun silk
and shone like gold.
~ Song from the Faroe Islands
As the Sun grows in strength at this time of year, we become more and
more aware of the world around us. Winter is a time of retreat. Even
though our electric lights open possibilities never dreamed of by
earlier people, we still find ourselves slowly withdrawing in Winter. We
may become less active; we may see people less frequently; we may engage
in quieter pastimes. But then, as light returns, we wake up to the world
around us.
And again, we see its beauty. Even before the plants begin their annual
cycle of budding and blooming, we see the sky opening up to the
sunlight. White clouds scud across the blue, or wispy ones decorate the
sky’s dome. Light dazzles us with its golden radiance. Absorbed in the
world’s beauty, we move together toward the dawning springtime.

from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

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