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Rain Festivals ( Mexico/Central America )
Themes: Weather, harvest, fertility, & prayer
About Xtah: The Guatemalan Goddess of Rain and Water sprinkles Herself
into today’s celebration in answer to Her people’s fervent prayers. As
She does, Her rain also bears constructive, fulfilling energy to
maintain the gardens of our spirit with Spring’s growth-centered magick.
To Do Today: This is the time of the year when peoples in this region
begin praying to the sacred powers for rain. In Guatemala,
specifically, they pray and make offerings to the Goddess so the crops
will not fail from draught.
If your spiritual life has seemed a bit “dry” lately or lacking in real
substance, pray to Xtah with words like these:
“Xtah, as you pour forth from the heavens, see my need ( pour out a
glass of water
here–this is a type of sympathetic magick that encourages Xtah to
follow your example ).
Rain upon my life and heart with Your fruitful waters so I may grow with
clarity of spirit.
Thank You for Your bounty, for refilling my inner well with your
So be it.”
If it’s raining outside, dance in the rain as you pray so you can
literally touch Xtah’s presence. Alternatively, pray in the shower or
in the rains created by a lawn sprinkler.
Wear water-coloured clothing today ( blue, purple, dark green ) to
accent whichever of Xtah’s attributes you want to develop.

from 365 Goddess – A Daily Guide of the Magick and Inspiration of the
by Patricia Telesco

Goddess Meditation

Life, illness, love, and death — together they continue to be my great
Moon and Sun rule the sky above.
Here on Earth, the Goddess rules.
Here on Earth, the seven Goddesses.
O Goddess, pure and cherished one!
We sing sweet songs over and over,
inventing pleasing rhymes for her.
Oh, our songs are so sweet that She
forgives us anything to keep us singing.
~ Sri Lankan Song
We can find the Goddess everywhere, if only we know how to look. It is
easy to find Her on a sunny day in Spring, or in the happy look on a new
lover’s face. But She is there in the dark storm clouds as well, in the
late frosts that nip the budding flowers, in the ungainly and the
frightening. Anything that exists partakes of Her, participates in Her.
There is nothing that is not part of Her.
We must let go of judging this world if we are to truly understand the
Goddess’ truth. We cannot pick and choose, controlling life so that we
only see what is pleasant to our prejudices. We cannot have birth and
love but not death; we cannot have the flower and the honey without the
stinging bee. We need not claim to enjoy pain in order to accept it as
part of life. We need only feel it, accept it, and move on, knowing it
to be part of this life which the Goddess blesses us.

from The Goddess Companion – Daily Meditations on he Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan

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