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Vibrance- A Brighter Bulb with Aromatherapy


I was so excited when this popped into my news-feed today. I have been using a regular diffuses for ten years now. I have seen the mini car diffusers, and computer diffusers, but never a smart phone linked diffuser. This I have to see in action. They are currently launching it right now and there is a cute 18 day count down. If you sign up for their mailing list you can receive a 50% off coupon.

A little more about Vibrance.

Tell Vibrance to turn off when you’re not around, set up call and text notifications, wake up with a gentle light and an invigorating fragrance for your alarm, and even match the scent to the weather.

Vibrance spreads refreshing fragrances throughout your home, made from all-natural essential oils shown to improve your mood and sharpen your mind. Smart pre-sets perfectly match any activity.

The Vibrance bulb blends in beautifully with your chosen decor, freeing up outlets once taken by ugly air fresheners. The powerful LEDs emit natural white light, and will work brilliantly for 20 years.

Click here to check this diffuser out and get your coupon!

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