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A Basic Spell Box

Crafting with a Witch

Project One

source: http://www.wiccanguide.com/craft1.html


A Basic Spell Box

Please read through completely before starting.

Tools Required:

1 small box, wooden, with a snug fitting lid

Most craft stores carry these small boxes with lids that latch or
fit snugly. Just pick one out that feels good to you. Of course, if
you have a small box at home all the better, or if you are great
with wood go ahead and make yourself one, remember the more of your
energy put into a project the better.

Acrylic Paint

Small brush


Spray Sealer (optional)

Colors are entirely up to you, but keep in mind what you want to put
onto the box, and try to use colors representing special meanings to
you. Example: I use a lot of blue and blue greens in any of my work
because I am a water sign. So get out the paints and let yourself
go, do not concern yourself that you are not an artist extrodinare,
if you choose to paint only one small sign, or maybe just your
initials, that is ok. Always remember that its what makes you feel
good. When you are finished, you may then use a sealer over the
entire box if you so choose, I personally feel it is not needed as
its a chemical compound that seems to seal in the natural vibrations
of the wood, but this is only my opinion, you decide what is good
for you. Remember, while working concentrate on the intent, the why
are you making this box….place your energy into it through your

One piece of white material (big enough to cover box)

Fabric Paint (optional)

When you are finished with your box, set aside and take the white
material and lay out on your table, this cloth will cover your box
and protect it when it is not in use, so concentrate now on it
protecting your box.

Now if you want, you can take fabric paint and decorate your cloth
anyway it seems fitting to you, when finished leave until throughly
dry usually overnight.

NOTE: Now above we have used paint, both on the box and cloth but it
is important to understand that everything we do is entirely up to
you on how to proceed. Some of you may wood burn and not like to
paint at all, this is acceptable, others may want to embroider their
cloth or tye dye it, again this is quite all right. I am only giving
you a sample of what you can do. The end result is a spell box, a
box for magikal intent so however you choose to decorate it or not
is up to you.

Addt’l Info For the Spell Box! BB, *Starra* )O(

Crafting with A Witch


Now we are ready to empower our spell box, on the night of a full
moon, open the lid of your box and:

Raise it to the Northern Quarter and ask:

Element of Earth, I ask that you place your gift of healing within
this box.

Turn to the Eastern Quarter:

Element of Air, I ask that you place your gift of communication into
this box.

Turn to the Southern Quarter.

Element of Fire, I ask that you place your gift of passion within
this box.

Turn to the Western Quarter.

Element of Water, I ask that you place your gift of cleansing into
this box.

Return to the Northern Quarter and say:

I ask that this box now be empowered as a tool of magic. That only
positive intent will be sent from its heart as I ask it to forever
assist me in my magical life. So Mote It Be.

The box is now ready for use in spells of all types, when not in use
please wrap it in its white cloth and store out of site. It can only
be used for one purpose at a time. Specific spells for the box are
in our spell book section of this site .

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