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Baby’s First Samhain keepsake

you’ll need :

1 6″ square of construction paper (Black or orange)
Washable Tempura paint (White)
Black permanent marker

First wash the child’s foot, (you how dirty those things can
get) either brush the paint on the child’s foot or dip the foot
into the paint. Now press the foot firmly onto the square of
construction paper. Lift the foot off and let the paint dry.
When paint is dry turn the foot print upside down so the heel is
at the top and put two dots for eyes on the heel, you now have a
“foot ghost.” you can frame this or decorate the edges with
anything you feel contributes to the “ghost” theme.

* Now here’s another idea that I had that stemmed from this. You could make a whole year of Baby’s First Year Keepsakes. But use the Bread dough or other favorite salt/bread dough recipe to make oval ornaments or hangings. Press the baby’s foot into a flattened piece of oval shaped dough at each holiday. Then after its dried/baked you can paint it in the colors of the holiday or even add painted pictures of different symbols of the holiday. You could have a whole first year of your baby’s magical year in ornaments or wall hangings! One for each turn of the Wheel.

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