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About Lilith

Lilith/Lilithu (Hebrew, Babylonia, Sumeria):

Moon Goddess, matroness of witches; female principle of the
universe; demon Goddess to the Jews and Christians. Her sacred bird
is the owl. Her name may have come from the Sumer-Babylonian Goddess
Beli-ili or Belili, a tablet from Ur dated about 2,000 BCE mentions
the name Lillake. She is the protectress of all pregnant women,
mothers, and children. Wisdom, regeneration, enticing sorcery,
femine allure, erotic dreams, forbidden delights, and the dangerous
seductive qualities of the moon.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam. She refused to lay beneath him
during love making, claiming that she was his equal and should be
treated as such. She was made from the earth as was Adam, and not of
his rib as was Eve. She spoke the secret name of God and was flown
to heaven, when God sent her back to earth. She then left Adam and
the garden and wandered into the world on her own. Supposedly she
mated with the devil and gave birth to demons and monsters.

When Adam and Eve fell from grace w/God, Adam vowed in penance to
avoid the sexual pleasures of marriage for a hundred years. It is
said that Lilith then sought her revenge. Each night she would come
to Adam while he slept, mount him and have sexual intercourse with
him. She would capture his sexual emissions and use to them to
produce more of her babies.

Lilith was a succubus; a she-demon who would visit men while they
slept and have intercourse with them without their knowledge. A man
who was visited by a succubus would feel pressure on his chest while
he slept and have a feeling of “being drained” when he awoke from
sleep. A succubus would not only have sex w/the sleeping victim but
would also drain them of their vital energy. Therefore, a succubus
is a demon seductress and psychic vampire who is feared by men.

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